Singers Dream Voice

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
  • A pretend stage Setup (alter)
  • Beyonce's ''AVE Maria'' I AM...TOUR INSTRUMENTAL
  • White Candle
  • Belief

This spell will allow you to see yourself on stage singing to many fans and once you see how happy you are you will be able to pull that voice out of the dream and make it yours in reality.

Casting Instructions for 'Singers Dream Voice'

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This spell is very powerful so please follow instructions
01 set up your stage as if your were going to perform in front of people your stage can be your bed, table, open space on the floor,
(if you are using your bed remove pillows there are no pillows on stage)

02 lay down on the stage lay flat as possible hands out think as if your laying on a pentagram

03 place the candle down by your feet and light it, careful not to kick it

04 play the instrumental and then lay down and dream and see yourself on stage and imagine you singing very strong and beautiful and listen to the voice calling you telling to pull me free

05 most of all believe because as your dreaming the candle will summon a yellow ring around you and you should very free but if you doubt it then the spell will not work

06 as the song comes to an end awaken your eyes and blow the candle out and give it at least 24 hrs for the new voice to settle in your body then good luck singing

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