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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • just naming your kids or how to call them by name
  • magick names for yourself to make you powerful the ones you are closest to.

these are magickal names some are just regular names that seem to have a effect on how someone acts like during their lives, also the magickal names seem to have power.

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Here are some great magickal names and I will list the powers they have
Note this down, magick names are for people not knowing your real name and to keep your personal life private from others.

kitsune: Based upon the shapeshifting demon, woman, or in some cases men that are able to have the ability to shapeshift ( most likely just spiritually on the astral plane) this name gives you power if you are close to the kitsune demon or kitsune magick, also kitsunes had tails and the more tails they had the more power they would have. kitsunes were also known for being like faeries they were known to be mischievous and or good, they were considered either mischievious or good depending on their personalities. This name if you choose it may mean that you are a powerful person close to the kitsune magick.

drake: drake is a name it's a powerful name even the name seems to be a strong name even when spoken it can make someone feel intimidated or respect you, it may cause a feeling to the person to be tough or powerful, now here's the magickical meaning, drake means dragon, which may mean you are close to dragon spirits or dragon magick, or you specialize in it.

wolf: this name seems to make you feel a mystery about a person, they will seem to be mysterious, magickal, and even the word and just thinking about a wolf makes you feel like they are loyal to you and strong, wolves have been known for being loyal, being strong in packs and always helping each other.

those are just good examples or ideas, here are some just regular names that are not magick names. and I will tell you how the names make their personalities turn out.

joel: this name is usually not a good name to give a baby they will later in life having a personality like a mischievous one, being a bully or having feelings of being mean towards other people,but note this down people through nature and nurture can also make people feel different than how their names make them feel, but a little more than half of the time names can have a effect on peoples personality, it's something psychological.

kyle: this name can go either way, but usually has a negative effect on someone it can make them bullies, mean, or smart alicky. But sometimes it can make a calming and soothing effect as well.

steven: now someone with this name can make someone a bully or have a negative effect on the persons personality, but the soothing sound of steve can calm a person down with this name.

James: this name can make someone a bully as well, but they might become a smart person in life. but if you call the person jimmy this will have a calmer effect on their personality

now here are some positive names that work on someones personality differently.

mary: This name brings a calm and soothing feeling in someone when someone calls their name, it's a beautiful name to name your child.

Gabriel: gabriel is also a good name it brings a soothing sound when it's called.

luna: luna is a great name, a name of beauty and it has a soothing effect on their peronalities. luna can also be a magick name.

here are just a few examples of name personalities.


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