To make an Immortal a Mortal

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Jar

This spell can make any divine celestial being mortal. This is only to be used on rogue angels on Earth.

Casting Instructions for 'To make an Immortal a Mortal'

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First pour 1-inch measure of water in the jar pt the top on and let it sit in the window for one or two days. Then charge it with a spell: Immortalis qui(key) domesticus in Caelum(Ki-Lum),Ego destruere (des-tru-air) omni (om-knee) catena (ca-tain-uh)praesens(pray-sins).

When the rouge angel gets it or you let him/her know what it is and give it to him/her. He/She will be compelled to open it and the small cloud will claim their divinity and the rouge angel inhabiting the person will be powerless to your magic. The angel will be stuck as a mortal and will have to pay for his/her sins like any other human being. Bury the jar where the angel doesnt know.

If the Angel ever finds the jar after you closed it up and they made the cloud in the jar again and reverse the spell you did by saying Ego ad se vocare quo apertus and break the jar on the land where the spell was done he/she can reclaim their powers and divinity and would bring down heavens heavy fist to kick your butt.

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