Vampiric Blood Ritual

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A Blood Moon
  • Blood
  • A Powerful Hatred In Your Heart
  • Night Time
  • A Real Human Skull
  • An Alter
  • 5 Black Candles
  • A Person You Hate
  • A Dagger

This is pure black magick, so I suggest you do not do it unless you don't mind using black magick. Cast a powerful protection spell first.

Casting Instructions for 'Vampiric Blood Ritual'

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at night, go to a place where you can see the blood moon. Set the skull on the center of the alter. Place 1 black candle towards the blood moon, and use the others to form a pentagon. The first candle is the top of the pentagon. The candles must surround the skull. Light the candles one at a time, after each candle, name something about the person you hate more than anything else. On the candle facing the blood moon, (which you must light last) Make a powerful wish to kill the person. Get the person you hate onto the table, and Use a dagger on their heart, killing them. Use the blood not from the person you killed to extinguish the flames, then begin to drink the blood of the person you killed. drink the blood, until there is no more blood to drink, then chant 3 times, "Creature of the night I am, I live for blood, and kill for blood. A day without killing will suffer my fate, as vampiric, but corrupt, my spirit does awake."

This spell will corrupt you, but empower you beyond matters.

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