Candle of Death

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • its all in the Instructions

This is suppose to be known as the ''Kandila ti Diablo''. This candle with the prescribed ritual will cause sickness and even death to those who successfully crafted this candle. but can also be a charm againts ghost

Casting Instructions for 'Candle of Death'

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First, you need to gather used or melted wax from a church(be at any day). Then at Friday at exactly 6pm or after that, get fair amounts of soil near or in the chapel of a cemetery. Go home and don't look back at the cemetery. Keep the soil in a bottle. And after keeping the soil, light two candles and write this spell in a piece of paper with a new pen:

"Domine Deus uwirtutum, conuwerte nos et ostende faciem tuam et saluwi erimus"

and pronounce it over the wax and the bottled soil for 9 times. Hide the wax, soil, and the spell in a safe place and wait until Tuesday.

When Tuesday come, prepare the materials needed for candle making. I don't really have to explain everything about candle making, do i? What's important is that you have the bottled soil, wax from a Church and the spell written on a paper which will be mixed to your candle. If I were you, I'm going to make a candle enough for multiple use.
*I use black crayola to color a candle black, you can buy another wax at sari sari stores to add up to your candle size.

Now if you are not brave enough then stop reading the instructions because you have to make this candle at 11pm.

Next is to burn the written spell and mix the ashes with the boiling water. Stir three times clockwise. add soil(which you got from the cemetery vicinity, not all of it just little amount) stir three times clockwise. Then you will now add the wax from a church and regular wax and fair amount of black crayola to color it black. Then just do and finish the candle making process.
*I use cans to put in melted wax but you can use anything just make yourself an appropriate candle.

After you successfully crafted your candle just hide it in a place where it will not be exposed to sunlight.

For the Ritual on using it to hurt someone read the guidelines on my profile


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