Fear Inducer

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Victim's name/pic
  • 5 Candles in pentagram formation
  • (optional) 1 Bonfire
  • Red marker (if you want to use the fifth one)

If you want to be a total jerk(or get revenge on someone), well mah boi, this is the best spell for you

Casting Instructions for 'Fear Inducer'

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You place the name inside of the pentagram, there are 5 ways to make your victim scared
Just Your Averaged O_O" Scared: just simply place the name/pic in the pentagram and say "Dark forces, corrupt thy foe and feast on his/her fear, all his nightmares will be about me...all of the frightening tales he'll hear will e about me in his ears" the next morning when you see him/her at work, school, or just at the grocery store, he/she will look at you like you're gonna strangle him/her in front of everyone

Fetal Position: Slice the name/pic in fourths and place each four in the middle of the pentagram, when he sees you he wont help curling into a fetal position as if he just saw his wife/girlfriend/anyone he/she cares about being barbecued.

"I Wish I Was Never Born" Scared: Throw the name/pic into the Bonfire and chant "Lucifer, Make thou soul suffer, make his/her heart jump from thy chest to throat. make him/her be very afraid" When you even look at your victim now, you'll be most feared since slender man

Scared (censored)-less: Slice the First letter of his/her name off (If pic, slice off the face) chant "Thou is no more, light be removed from this sorry excuse of a human being and darkness be placed inside of this shriveling monkey" then next day hen he/she sees you he/she will run as if he/she was running from Death

Deathly Scared: Slice the pic/name into a star shape and place it in the middle, take the red marker and place a circle in the exterior. chant "Now, lucifer. it is my turn to be feared, i am true Satan. there is no divine power more divine than mine" the next day your victim will act like he/she is staring into the eyes of the devil himself


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