Curse of Suicide

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • - 1 Silver Knife/Dagger (can be copper or gold, I just prefer using silver for black magic)
  • - 1 Wooden Bowl (has to be wooden)
  • - A piece of parchment (to write the person's name)
  • - Ink (to write the person's name)
  • - Running Water ( a river)
  • - During Equinox or Solstice (optional, it just makes sure it will happen sooner)
  • - Willpower
  • - A candle (doesn't matter the colour much)
  • - Your blood (that's why it's dangerous)

It's a simple curse in theory that usually makes the person/s you wish to die a painful death, it's supposed to first bring nightmares, then paranoia, then resulting to suicide to the person you curse. Beware because it can be extremely dangerous to yourself while doing it. Taken from a book in my grandfather's collection.

Casting Instructions for 'Curse of Suicide Spell'

Go wherever there's a river, I suggest a clean one and it'll be better if it's in the woods, and meditate until you feel more calm.
Write the name of the person you to suffer on the parchment while thinking why you want to cause pain to that one.
Light the candle and put it over the bowl sideways (It's safer sideways).
Take the parchment and burn it making sure at least most of the ashes fall inside the bowl (still thinking on why you wish to cause pain to this person).
Take the Knife/Dagger and cut yourself (at the wrists are safer I reckon, that's what I did) letting the blood fill the bowl until somewhat 50% of it is full (therefore I recommend I smaller bowl).
After that's done mix it a bit with the silver knife/dagger and then throw it inside the river.
The death shall come within a year (that is if you did not do it during equinox or solstice) but the first symptoms may come whenever after performing the curse.

PS:-I suggest you clean your cut with the running water, it helps regenerate better.
- The curse can be made anywhere since the running water can reach anywhere in the world by the rain cycle, and the curse will "reproduce" until the curse reaches the person, therefore the farther you are from someone, the longer it will take for the curse to start.

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