Emergency Protection Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • An image of St. Judas Tadeo (St. Jude)
  • Say this prayer.

This will save your life someday, it is Santeria. (Working)

Casting Instructions for 'Emergency Protection Spell'

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Make sure to print the image below and put one in your wallet with the prayers.

Pray to the judas images on a search engine like if it was a shapeshifted African diety into an image of St. Judas Tadeo. (Basically talk to the image as if it were a real person and say, "dude, I need you to help me, I'm dying or hurting. Amen." etc.

Here is my prayer. "St. Jude I bought for the community and the witches of the world, keep this brother/sister alive for me. Amen, santeria voodoo type sh*t style."

Rewritten spell: say "Saint Judas Tadeo" or "Saint Judas," in English" (For beginners)

Rewritten spell two: Do not believe in your attack and believe you will be fine. (This is for advanced witches)

Actual prayer (Do your best to pronounce it, it is designed to work without pronounciation, though): "Oh, gloriosisimo Apostol San Judas!, siervo fiel y amigo de Jesus, el nombre del traidor que entrego a vuestro querido Maestro en manos de sus enemigos ha sido la causa de que muchos os hayan olvidado, pero la iglesia os honra e invoca universalmente como patron de los casos dificiles y desesperados.

Rogad por mi que soy tan miserable; y haced uso, os ruego, de ese privilegio especial a vos concedido de socorrer visible y prontamente cuando casi se ha perdido toda esperanza.

Venid en mi ayuda en esta gran necesidad, para que reciba los consuelos y socorros del cielo en todas mis necicidades, tribulaciones y sufrimientos, particularmente (make your request. i.e. keep me alive, or from harm, or keep my homies alive or from harm, etc. [Haga su peticion]) y para que bendiga a Dios con vos y con todos los escogidos por toda la eternidad.

Os prometo, glorioso San Judas, acordarme siempre de este gran favor y nunca dejare de honraros como a mi especial y poderoso protector y hacer todo lo que pueda para fomentar vuestra devocion. Amen."

Email me at if you need my help. If you died because you came here too late and are in the afterlife and want to return, contact me when I'm in the afterlife and we will ressurect you from there. Call me if you need help and I'll hook you up with dope ass protection shit. 312.613.7547 -Nemesis1Oner

Facebook, hit me up so I can hook you up with some long distance emergency spell shit, I'm an expert at this so just drop me a message:

Here's a link for St. Judas Tadeo images, copy and paste this onto your browser. Don't forget to print the image:


This article was contributed by nemesis1oner

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