Black Magic Protection

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You will need the following items for this spell:

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This spell will defend you and destroy all the curses or black magic casted upon you.(Quick and easy)

Casting Instructions for 'Black Magic Protection'

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Aaye Tul Kursi Vich Fur-aan
Aage Peechhe, Tu Rahman
Laa-ilaah Ka Kot, illallaah Ki Khaai
Muhammad Rasoolallaah Ki Duhaai
Nazar ko Baandhoon
Bhoot Ko Bandhoon
Yogini Dera Sab Balaa Ko Bandhoon
Ba Hakk Ya Bud Dooh
Madad Mere Peer Ki
Shabd Saanchaa
Pind Kaanchaa
Furay Mantra Ishwaro Vaacha
i) Take one black thread
ii) Tie 7 knots on this thread.
iii) Now take the first knot between your
fingers, recite the above mantra and
blow air (?1?1?1?4?1?9?1?9 ?1?4?1?0?1?6?1?8?1?0) on this knot.
Now take second knot recite the above
mantra and blow on it again and repeat
this procedure for all 7 knots. Then tie
this around the neck of the affected
person. This thread will remove the
black magic as well as save the person
from future troubles as well.
i) Take some drinking water
ii) Put it in front of you and,
iii)Recite the following mantra for 7
times. Then
iv)Blow in the water (?1?1?1?4?1?9?1?9 ?1?4?1?0?1?6?1?9?1?0 ).
Now give this water to the affected
person to drink. The magic will be
Om Vajra Munthi Vajra Ki Vaad,
Vajra Baandhau Dash Dwaar,
Vajra Paani Pivechchaano,
Daakini Daapini, Rakshov Sarvaang,
Mantra Jayo, Shatru Bhayo,
Daakini Vaayo, Jaanu Vaayo,
Kaali Kaali Shaamnate,
Brahma Ki Dhishu Saashu,
Daakini Mili Kari,
Moro Jeed Ghaat Kareti,
Patne Paani Kare,
Gua Kare, Yaane Kare,
Soote Kare, Parihaase Kare,
Nayan Kataakshi Kare,
Aapo Na Haate, Parhaate,
Jiyati Sanchaare, Kilani Potni,
Anin Tushwari Kare,
Aite Vigyaan Ahin Na Nagayo,
Mohin Karetsaara Kuthi Tilskem
Om Mosiddhi Guru Paraaye Stri ling,
Mahadev Ki Aagya
This remedy has to be done for 7 days
continuously to get complete relief. The
black magic will go back and fall on the
person who did it.


This article was contributed by sunny.joshi

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