Grow A Wolf Tail! By MagicSparklz

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Concentration
  • -Belief
  • -A forest of any kind (wether it's big or small, it really doesn't matter)
  • -Day or night
  • -Marker of the colors you want your tail to be
  • -Wolf or dog fur from the tail

This is just a spell where you can grow a wolf tail and choose the colors of it. It can be 2 or more. Be blessed

Casting Instructions for 'Grow A Wolf Tail! By MagicSparklz'

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Sit down in the middle of the forest

Close your eyes and let your mind rest into the thoughts of your wolf tail.

Is it soft?

What colors will it be?

Meditate and think about the tail for about 3 minuets so you can get into "The Zone"

Then take your dog/wolf fur and put it on your tail bone (and yes, you have to have both your underwear and pants pulled down to your kneecaps. No one will see unless you are in a spot where they can't see)

Say this spell:

Wolf gods and wolf goddesses! Hear my plea
Grow a soft wolf tail on my rear
Let it be soft, let me move it at will,
Let the colors be (colors you want your tail to be and it has to be maximum of 10 colors. Do you seriously want your tail to be all colorful?)
Wolf gods and wolf goddesses hear me scream
Grow a furry wolf tail on my rear this very night!
On the count of 3 so mote it be!

Then dig a hole at the EXACT place you were standing and saying the spell and bury the fur.

Then, take the markers and draw a line from the bottom of your tailbone to the top of your tailbone. It has to be seen. And multiple markers have to be put DIRECTLY right next to the middle one!

Then say this last part of the spell

Wolf gods and wolf goddesses hear my scream
Let these colors on my rear be apart of me
My tail will be this same pattern and colors,
My tail will grow to become furry
And these colors will grow with it
Wolf gods and goddesses if you can hear me
Let these beautiful colors
Be apart of me.

Then (oh yea, you can pull up your pants and underwear now) keep the marker lines on your tailbone until your wolf tail grows.


After your tail has grown, immediately wash it because around the part where your tail sprouts, the lines will still be there.

Here are some POSSIBLE side effects:

-Tailbone hurts
-Colors may glow
-Tailbone will be itchy and start to get furry

If any other side effects effect you, scroll down to my name and click on it and find mail and you can mail me. Also, you can mail me comments but if the spell doesn't work, and you send me bad mail, I will block you. Permanently. I don't want a wave of bad comments flooding my brain now do I?

Be blessed


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