...***Real Werewolf Spells***... (Tested version, works)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Spell One
  • Full Moon
  • Spell Two
  • Empty Room (So, nobody in it)
  • Spell Three
  • Mirror

So, this is a small list of three werewolf spells, tried, tested and proved to be right. I hope you try these, really, they work.

Casting Instructions for '...***Real Werewolf Spells***... (Tested version, works)'

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At night on the full moon, go outside and let direct moonlight shine onto you and then chant:

By the light of the moon,
and our piercing howls,
we are further transformed into cunning beasts,
form the circle of life,
to the evolution of man,
I shall be reawakened as one with the land.

Go in a bedroom or bathroom that has a lock and lots of space in it.. (It doesn't matter in which one you go in)
Then lock the door and sit down
Then say this 3 times
"Let me have fur of a wolf
Let me transform into a wolf any time i want
Let me have control in my wolf form
Let me be a creature that i want to be
So mote it be"

First, get a mirror and wait until the sun goes down. Then turn on an artificial light that is just bright enough that you can see yourself. Focus on yourself, on all the small little details. Understand and focus on the shape of your nose, your shoulders, all the parts that you most imagine when you imagine yourself being in wolf?s form. But do not, and I repeat, do not focus on becoming a werewolf at this time. Just focus on yourself and accepting yourself and just being you. Focus on the you in the human form, and allow yourself to genuinely like the human you.

Do not think about becoming a wolf, or what you?ll look like as a wolf, or anything about transforming into a werewolf. Repeat this for at least 3 days, preferably 5, and even more if you feel as though you need to. Try to do it on the same time each day. This part allows you to be positive and accepting, and this creates energies that might make it possible for transformation.

For the next part, you won?t need the mirror anymore and although it doesn?t matter at what time of day you do it, you should keep doing it at the same time every day. In this part you?re doing the exact opposite and imagining the exact wolf you want to turn into. Picture as much as you can about the wolf you as possible. Keep doing this for at least one week, preferably two, and more until you can feel the fur, see the claws, etc. If you don?t see any results in at least 3 weeks, this one?s probably not going to work.

Uncontrollable anger.
Transform at will.
Stronger, faster, and better senses even as a human.
You may black out the first few times.
Bone aches.
Muscle aches.
Teeth aches.
Head aches.
Upset stomach.
MAY be able to turn others by biting them.


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