werewolf shifting

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • night
  • you
  • a visible moon
  • hands
  • 1 white candle

this spell will make you a werewolf. this is my first spell. try it!

Casting Instructions for 'werewolf shifting'

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1. go outside when it is night and sit down. from were you are sitting you have to see the moon. nothing can cover it. IT CAN NOT BE A NEW MOON.
2. place the candle in front of you. light the candle. say 1x while looking at the candle," candle, candle, be my messenger. your smoke is my paper, my voice is my pen. take this letter to the moon, for you are my messenger. so mote it be." close your eyes and put your hands above your ears like batman. say 1x," ears, ears, ears of hearing is better than a human's, for i'm not."
4. now lower your hands till they are over your human ears and move them forward till the thumbs are at the edge of your face. angle them a little, then move the forward till they meet at a angle, say 1x," eyes of gold, teeth of daggers,my face of a wolf's. eyes as keen as a eagle's,teeth as sharp as daggers, nose, better then a human's, my face of a wolf's."
5. put your hands in front of your face and run them down the length of your body to your feet, and do the same with the back of your legs, bottom, back, back of neck and head, say 1x, "fur,fur,my fur fur is invisibility cloak, my warmth, and my shield against human gazes."
6. make your hands go down to your tail bone and feel an imaginary tail. say 1x," tail, tail, swish, swish. indicate my feelings, hear my wish."
7. open your eyes. see if the candle is still lit. if its not, start the spell all over again. if it is still lit, continue on. look up at the moon and say 1x," moon, moon , of the night, hear my plea. for my final part, i ask you to make me a werewolf. no longer shall i live like the others, i shall crave meat, i shall be sharper, keener. moon, make me reborn, for i am the wolf."
8. look down at the candle and say 1x," messenger, your job is done, your job is done. good work!" and snuff out the candle.

hope this works,



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