True Blood Vampire Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Red Apple
  • Knife
  • Your Blood
  • Salt

This Is A Spell I Made And I Don't Know If It Works I Have To Try It Later Tonight And If Any Request Email Me @ or

Casting Instructions for 'True Blood Vampire Spell'

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Cut the apple in half take one of the halfs and usea spoon to get the stuff out the middle.Then cut your self and out your blood in the spot where you took the stuff out then middle and say:

This apple isa resemblance of my heart.

Then sprinkle the salt in then say:

My soul is dying but I am not.

Than get like a straw and drink the blood and say:

I have been drained but am not dead.

Then put some more of your blood in and say:

My blood is now being replaced with blood more powerful I am more energetic, I can fly,smell from miles, see from miles, run fast like a cheetah. I have sharp long fangs, Paler skin, I am now one with Lilith and God so mote it be!

Then eat the apple with the blood and it should work instantly or in 3-5 Days.

Side Effects: Feeling like youve been drained Bad Headache Notes: If It works you will die right after If ou dont get blood right after Its just like true blood you turn and have To drink your makers blood or youll die But this time ince your not being bitten Youll have to find someone or omething to bite.


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