How to become a Vampire Diaries Vampire

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • The witch symbol
  • The vampire symbol
  • The human symbol
  • Night( when the sun is not up)
  • The power that you want to have(In your head)
  • Full moon or new moon
  • Say it with emotion and very very clearly
  • clear mind
  • anther with you(alive)
  • Knife

Like my witch spell this is not tested and You should have a clear and a reason for wanting to become a vampire. Email me the effects if it works.

Casting Instructions for 'How to become a Vampire Diaries Vampire'

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Make sure their not a wake but alive and make sure it is not someone you like cause you will have to drain them of blood and then hide the body somewhere.
' I wish to be a vampire. I will be faster, stronger, hear better, see farther, smell better. The sun will burn to touch unless I have a daylight charm. I will have one power which will be _________. This human that is asleep is the old me. If I see or smell human blood My eyes will turn red and the veins under my eyes will be shown and my fangs will come out. I shall be cold unless I drink coffee. I shall be deathly pale.I can drink animal and human blood if I wish. can be killed by fire, a stake through the heart, or someone cuts off my head. If I stand in the sun for more then two without a charm I will burst in to flames. I can turn a human by giving them my blood and then the person dies with me blood in their system they will wake up a day letter and crave blood if they drink blood in the next 24 hours then they will die and not wake up.If I do not drink blood in the next 24 hours I will die.I wish to become a vampire and live forever.'
Take the knife and cut the person wrist and drink from it until their dead.Then with fire burn the witch symbol and the human symbol don't burn the vampire symbol or you will kill yourself.


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