To Become A Vampyre *Works*

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Ability to read Latin
  • Five red candles
  • Five Black Candles
  • Five White Candles
  • 1 cup of human blood
  • A cross

Spell to become a vampire. Has been tried and tested by friends. I know it works. THIS MUST BE DONE BETWEEN 11:00 pm and 1:00 am or it will not work.

Casting Instructions for 'To Become A Vampyre *Works*'

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   =>To Become A Vampyr
First you will need to make a pentagram (two feet in diameter). place one of each candle at each point. Light all the red ones clockwise from the top and say, ''lucernas accendunt illis ruber ego fateor animum ad cogitationem, quod ignis est,'' then do the same with the white candles and say, ''Lucernas accendunt illis, ut album, ego mei, cunctis castitate hominis tabescere, et dare animam suam, ut ubi sum ego, et tandem, cum felis cineres redigitur,'' then the black, ''Lucernas accendunt illis, sicut nigrum, fateor, corpus mutare, quod fieri more daemoniorum. a felis. dentes, bloodlust, immortalitatem, super sensus, celeritate, et in fortitudine sua omnes, ut sint mei. fiat.'' now place the cross in the middle of the pentagram and spill a little bit of blood over it, saying, ''Videlicet sanies crux super me, non appropinques mihi malum aut Christiani nomine Dei aut. Sponte a lamia fiam. ut in potentia. lamia ero i erit.'' now drink the rest of the blood, then chant, ''signat hic est sanguis meus, ut fatum a felis. Lamia voluntate matris me daemonibus od. ego sum a felis.''

After preforming this, you will feel dizzy, that's how you know it worked. Your fangs will come in within two weeks. The rest will gradually develop between then.
Tooth aches
Lethargy during the day (for about three days)
Energized at night
Burn easily in the sun
Migraines in light


This article was contributed by Athusia

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