Real Mermaid Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Yourself
  • Bath or Shower
  • Necklace

You can finally becone the mermaid you wanted to become. It takes time, just a few days, or even a couple years, but trust me it works.

Casting Instructions for 'Real Mermaid Spell'

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1. Put on your necklace 2. Get in the shower or run a bath. 3. Once youre in the shower or bath, make sure you are completly wet before and during saying this spell:

Magic spirits of the deep, I would like a tail, not two feet. Beauty be upon me, Fish of all kinds let me see, When Im finished in the sea, when Im dry, let my feet return to me.

Your tail color and power(s) depend on your amount of belief and your personality, and they could come at any time. The side affects include: Itchy Legs Neck Pain Itchy Arms Feet turning a weird color Crossing legs a LOT Singing more than usual Legs sticking together Wanting to drink lots of water Head Aches Wanting lots of salt Stomach Aches Pulse in your leg Nausea Mood Swings Feeling Sick Leg Pain Hair Growing Faster Dizziness Sore Throat Trouble Breathing Holding your breath longer underwater Loss of Balance Scales appearing on skin Dry Skin Skin starts peeling Veins very dark after showering Mermaid Dreams Powers: Hydrokinesis (Controlling Water) Hydro-Cryokinesis: Downgrade of Cryokinesis: (Make water cold and turn the water into ice) Hydro-Thermokinesis: Downgrade of Pyrokinesis: (Make water hot and boil the water) Gelidkinesis (Turn water into jelly) Substanciakinesis: Upgrade of Gelidkinesis: (Turn the jelly into crystal) Pyrokinesis (Create and control fire) Cryokinesis (Create ice, sometimes snow) Aerokinesis: Upgrade of Hydrokinesis: (Control the direction of wind and create wind) Atmokinesis: Upgrade of Aerokinesis: (Control acts of weather) Telekinesis: Upgrade of most of the above: Move objects with your mind) Siren (Be able to make boys fall in love with you) And there are more powers... Just wait, and youll see results.


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