Become the Dragon of Your Choice

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Voice
  • Strong belief in dragons
  • Necklace - more than one if you're doing multiple - (silver disc, the rest doesn't matter)
  • Place where you're alone (outside is best)

Using this spell, you can shift at will to become a certain dragon. If you do multiple spells using different dragons, you can become more than one.

Casting Instructions for 'Become the Dragon of Your Choice'

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   =>Become the Dragon
Sit with your legs tucked under you and the necklace in front of you.
Hold your hands above it. Picture yourself with dragon features.
Chant three times:
"Of sky, of earth, ice, sun, and sea
I choose the clan I wish to be
Sky is fast and can fly higher
Sun can withstand drought and fire
Earth its strong and smart and fast
Ice in cold was meant to last
Sea's rule can only set you free
(say your chosen element) is the kind I wish to be"
To turn into your chosen dragon, say:
"I wish to go into my (same element as before) dragon form"
To turn human again, say:
"I wish to become human again"
Note: if you're doing multiple, you can only do one of each element, and only one dragon on each necklace.

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