Dragon Shifter (New And Improved!)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • A candle of your favorite color
  • Someone who can turn into a werewolf
  • A quiet room
  • Belief

This spell will let you sift from human form and dragon form, at will!

Casting Instructions for 'Dragon Shifter (New And Improved!)'

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First, let the werewolf light the candle. Make them go somewhere in the room, their presence must be in the mist for this to work. Make them close their eyes and ears, then chant this 2x: "Three Moons, Three Moons, I wish to be a DRAGON! My color(s) will be: (color(s).My eyes will be brilliant color of: (color). My wings will be (size), with the forked tongue the color of: (color). My 6 powers will be: (6 powers). With the characteristics of: (characteristics).When I wish to be my dragon, I shall say: (summoning words), when I wish to be my human, I will flutter my wings for 15 seconds, and scrape the ground twice with my talons. Three Moons, Three Moons, I wish to be a Dragon. SO MOTE IT BE!" Then, quickly blow out the candle and touch some of the candle wax, "wake" up the werewolf, and keep your hopes up.

It may take up to 3 hours for this to work, if not, allow up to 2 days.

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