Vampire Lord Spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Wand (Dont need
  • Altar(Dont need
  • Voice(NEED
  • Candle(Dont need
  • Belief(NEED
  • Soal(Need
  • Your blood(Stronger and Faster effects
  • Soal in a jar(Faster Healing For the body
  • Book of shadows if you want

This spell gives you the breed itself of vampirelord this legend goes back over 1000 years ago. Warning your soul goes to Me as the Lord of the Vampire Lord.

Casting Instructions for 'Vampire Lord Spell'

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First If you did get a book of shadows Make your own VampireLord sigil This must be done MUST HAVE A SIGIL make one including the following world IGiveMySoalToLordGarnothHarkonTheVampireLordLeaderAndKing
When done splash blook or sole in a jar on the paper if you want faster effects
Meditate for a while and say
My lord and King
Give me Claws Sharp teeth and a VampireSoal
I want to destroy my targets and kill all who
trate you and i i give you my soal and ask for this
Then you can cast a circle and do the same inside it but
preform the ritual

This takes from a year to 5 years to work you need to grow your nails and you will notice they are STRONGER and can draw blood from targets your teeth will point and be strong again to draw blood in anger your eyes may slightley change colour and if you recive a message in your dreams to carry out a task IT MUST BE DONE or the vampire effects will were off you will have stange abilitys to like seeing things and feeling strong energy pass through your body


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