Baby Dragon from Egg

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • paper
  • pen/pencil
  • crayon/colored pencils
  • ruler(needs to have 12 inches or more)
  • imagination
  • belief in dragons

This will work I have tried it and my dragon just hatched my dragon. It's a nature dragon and is the cutest dragon I have ever seen.

Casting Instructions for 'Baby Dragon from Egg'

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Reed the following before you get started

.Draw what your dragon will look like.

.Color your dragon according to it's color.

.Draw yourself next to the dragon that much taller/shorter the it.

.Right down your height next to you

.Color your self (optional)

.Make lines to the top of your body to show how tall you are (for example: 5 foot draw 5 equal lines)

.Now continue making your dragons height, the top of the dragons shoulders are its height.
.Underline the height of you and your dragon

.Now fold the paper hamburger style (in half)

.Now write it's info with a pencil on either side of the paper (name,skale color,wings,tail,accessories,behavior,abilities,element,dragon breed,eyes,what it eats etc...)

.Fold the piece of paper hamburger style again so you can't see the words

.Fold it once more

.Now write this and say it out loud as you wright it: (its element) dragon of mine come to me by egg of (its element) i summon the newborn mythical creature. So mote it be (so mote it be should be written as big as you can.)

.Now fold it hamburger style so you can't see the words

. Now draw a pentagram on one side

.Fold it once more

.Now every night for 3 nights before you go to bed chant this: god/goddess grant my dream dragon in the real world from egg to end. then chant: (its element) dragon of mine come to me by egg of (its element) i summon the newborn mythical creature so mote it be (so mote it be should be said as loud as you can)

.Kiss the paper after you have chanted the put it under your pillow

.As you fall asleep dream of you and your dragon coming together

.You need actual belief in dragons or you won't get an egg

Types of eggs:
Water= Blue egg
Earth=Rock egg
Fire= hot red egg
Wind/air= invisible or white
Snow= comes in winter-blue and white egg
Metal= Metal egg
Silver= Silver egg
Copper= copper egg
Nature= colorful of green egg
Shadow= Black egg
Ghost= Phasing egg
Lightning= Sparks of light strike

Once you find the dragon egg keep a close eye on it it should hatch within a week of 2

side affects:
dreaming for your dragon
there are more effect

these side affects are from your egg
earth=ground shakes
fir = outside heater up
air= real strong wind
water= starts raining(i think)
the reast of the dragons don't have side affect i don't think. the side affect may depend on when your dragon will hatch.


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