dragon name

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 canle
  • a match
  • a bowl filled with water
  • dirt
  • a handfull of grass
  • 1 empty jar
  • voice
  • clean space
  • quiet

your dragon name will reveal.

Casting Instructions for 'dragon name'

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   =>dragon name
1. light the candle with the match.
2. now step 1 foot away and blow at the flame. if it goes out, go to the next step. if it does not go out go to step 8.
3. put your chosen finger into the bowl.
4. if you feel like taking it out, go to the next step. if you feel like you dont want to take it out, go to step 9.
5. lick some of the dirt. if its yucky, go to the next step. if it tastes good, go to step 10.
6. eat some of the grass. if you feel like going outside, go to step 11. if you feel strange, go to the next step.
7. suck some of the air out of the jar. if its discusting, go to step 12. if its good, retry this spell.
8. you are a fire caster. imagine a name that sounds fiery.
9. you are a water wizard. imagine a name that sounds watery.
10. you are a solid master. imagine a name that sounds solidy.
11. you are a life serda. imagine a name that sounds lifey.
12. you are a air ruler. imagine a name that sounds airy.
13. memerize that name. you are now a true dragon master.


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