Change your eye color

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • white candle (optional)
  • something to write on the candle with (only use if candle is present)

spell to change your eye color- may cause slight headache.

Casting Instructions for 'Change your eye color Spell'

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Take the white candle, and enscribe the color into it. light the candle and close your eyes and concentrate on the color you wish for them to turn. See yourself in the present with __color__ eyes. Once this is set firmly in your mind, you can take a peek if you wish, but try to keep your eyes closed till you feel the image is really set in stone in your mind. Then say allowed to yourself.
"I wish for __color____ eyes
take the color that I have
and change to that of which I seek.
__color___ ARE the color of my eyes."

say that about 3 times roughly, and then open your eyes. It may take up to 5-10 mins before it starts to show through, but it should work. Also, try clearing your mind before you do the spell, that usually helps. The candle is really only for focus, you can do this spell without one.

This article was contributed by SilverVixen

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