Wing Spell

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New Moon
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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Nothing
  • (You may use the Full Moon, it makes it stronger. Optional though)

This is MaximumRide13's spell. I do not own this.
I have done this, and I am experiencing side effects.
Some side effects I do not know of as of now. If you are ex

Casting Instructions for 'Wing Spell'

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You can say this on any time of day.
"Wings, wings fly me away
I want to see them everyday
feel them touch them
fly with them
not just an illusion
wings of (color)
my wingspan is large
to carry my body here and there
almost everywhere
all i have to do is leap up and fly
reach up and touch the sky, unfurling my wings so fast
my wingspan of (weight divided by 5)
will carry me across the sky
my wings will be visible, to humans and ones like me
but not when i close my back
then they will stay hidden, tight but tough
tomorrow i want to wake up with these wings and fly in the sky
let them grow not just appear
fastly growing and getting stronger day by day
let them be fully grown in (number of days) days
I command you to do this as i have asked you
thank you"

Numbers of days - 70-100 days.
Wing span - If you do not know your weight, go and weigh yourself, or guess by the last time you have seen your weight.

Side Effects:
Aching back
Breathing shortens/Trouble breathing
Wing-like bones forming on your back underneath skin.
Shoulder blades moving in order to make room for the wings.
Heart beating a little faster.
Bones will be thinning. (Not bad, but you will be losing weight due to
the bone thinning)
Phantom Wings. (Any questions on this, PM me)
Tingly back.

Once the day comes for the wings to break skin, there WILL be blood. But no worries, there will be no blood loss involved. Once you have your wings, you must train them in order to fly.
You must sleep on your stomach or side in order to sleep. No sleeping on your back, or else that'll be very uncomfortable and you will end up putting pressure on your wings.

Any questions or more side effects I have not listed, PM me.


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