Vampire Spell (Tested Plenty)

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • one piece of paper
  • one pen(any color)
  • one knife(CAUTION: you will cut yourself with this knife)
  • your voice
  • Optional:
  • One red candle(lit)
  • lighter
  • sunlight

This is my first rendition of my vampire spell. It still works great but It's a little outdated
Side Effects:
sunlight burning
possible depression
teeth sharpening
body aches
teeth aches
feeling power flowing into you
feeling tired
having a thirst that is not fulfilled by drinking water

Casting Instructions for 'Vampire Spell (Tested Plenty)'

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First, Grab your paper then draw a circle then separate the circle into fourths.
Next, Write these two phrases in the all the boxes(I wish to be a vampire, forever and ever this is my fate) do this in any order and quantity this makes the spell uniquely your own.
Third, Cut yourself and bleed in the circle ( you need to bleed three drops anywhere inside the circle) if you have it put the lit red candle into the middle of the circle.
Afterwards, Walk around the paper while chanting: Gods and Goddesses and creatures of night transform myself into your own take me under your wing for I wish to be a vampire forever and I wish forever this to be my fate so mote it be (chant this as many times as you want).
Finally, If at all possible the next day burn the paper while sunlight shines on the paper If you can't do this keep this paper in your pocket until you are full a vampire.

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