Mermaid when wet spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Symbol (mine is a dolphin bracelet)
  • Voice
  • Belief

Ok so im laying in bed right now after stepping on a small piece of glass and cutting my foot, and I got an email saying one of my spells worked so I thought ''Hey, Why not make another one? '' So here I am, this spell makes you a mermaid in my signature 10 minute wait time. Good luck!

Casting Instructions for 'Mermaid when wet spell'

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Put on your symbol, if its a bracelet or ring put it on your dominate hand, as thats the hand that will control your powers. You have to believe in the spell or it will have a chance of not working. Decide what your tail color and powers will be then say the following spell 3 times.
Mermaids from within the sea, please give this power to me. I want a tail and top the color of () that will allow me to swim fast, and the power to () water, the power will last. I will get my tail and power in ten minutes, grant my wish, make me a fish! Mermaid when wet human when dry, one drop of water will make my tail grow in 10 seconds, mermaids in the sea, please just give this power to me, so mote it be so mote it be!

Yea i know its a kinda long spell but the longer it is, the higher the chance of it working. Please email me at saying what side effects you had so i can post them here.
Gl Mermaid Lovers!

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