Become Part Angel and Part Demon

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • 1 Pure Black Feather (Fake or real but i suggest real)
  • Piece of Paper
  • Glass of water
  • Hair (Your hair)
  • 2 Voodoo dolls (one that represents angel and one that represents Demon/Devil)
  • 1 Chopstick
  • Black Inked pen
  • Fluff bits from your Feather
  • One necklace with a dove or other bird on it
  • One Pentacle Necklace

My first transformation spell, also works quite quickly with the side effects, i've made it reversible.

-Magic type: Black
-Magic Lvl: Intermediate

Casting Instructions for 'Become Part Angel and Part Demon'

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   =>Become Part Angel
First cast a circle for protection, sit anyway you want in the circle with the things you need in front of you outside the circle.

Put the glass in front of you in the circle take two strands of your hair and put it in the water, write down on the paper you info of being an angel/demon, then write down on the back of the paper ''i am no longer human'' in russian (that would i think possibly be this ' '), wrap the rest of your hair around the voodoos binding them together and say

''These represent my two halfs of magical entities, left represents angel where i will have (colour) wings, (colour) hair, (colour) eyes and the ability to (you ability), right represents demon where i will kill if i need to, i can walk on either four or two legs, my fangs will be (length) in length and my food will be (put discription of your food here), my wings will be physically there but i can hide them if i wish to, my skin will be (put skin tone here), i will be able to see (what you want to see) and sense other mythical creatures.''

Touch the feather to your shoulder blades then say

''My wings will be (length) inches long and will be strong for flight''

put the two necklaces on, stir the water with the chop stick while saying ''As i stir this water i will be able to go back, when i drink this water-'' put the fluff in fluff in while stirring ''-I will be half angel and half demon with the ability of turning back if i want to, so mote it be.''

Finish stirring, drink all the water with the hair and fluff, take the necklaces off and close the circle. you can put any of them back on after an hour or more rip the paper up while saying 'so mote it be' 3 times then bin the pieces of paper.

I don't know the side effects but heres some i just got:

Slight headache
Ringing in ears (6 mins after doing the spell)
Feeling slightly tired


This article was contributed by CrowHeart

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