control the sun in seconds spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Day time
  • Knife
  • Bowl
  • Your blood
  • Voice
  • Outdoors
  • 2 Needles

This is a spell that will let you control the sun get ready. This is just like the control the darkness spell ok.

Casting Instructions for 'control the sun in seconds spell'

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This spell is just like controling the darkness but this time your controling the sun and its more fun than controling the darkness so here we go.

So go get a bowl,a knife, 2 needles and go outside then sit down cris cross apple sause then get your knife and cut yourself on both rists then suck all of your blood till you get dizzy if you are dizzy then keep sucking it so you can get the blood in the bowl and plus your posed to do this and i done this before ok so if your head hurts stop sucking and put the needle inside the cut then pull the thing thats on top of the needle then squirt it in to the bowl then do the same thing on the other rist with the needle then get the other needle and stick it into the cut and then stick the needle that you used and stick it into the other cut then chant these words:

red sun blue sun oh let me let me control the sun today and i will live and not die after im done controling the sun let the cuts regenerate when im done controling the sun today.

after that you wont feel dizzy anymore then put your hand infront of the sun then move your hand anyway you want then the sun will move the way you are moving your hand.

if you dont no how to do this spell then message me and i will make a easyer one.

WARNING:if you are infected or have a disease dont cut yourself just send me a message if you are infected from an open cut or have a disease then i will make a spell that doesnt need any thing for the spell and thank you for not doing this spell if you have a disease or a open cut thats infected and bye.


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