become a mermaid when wet

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Full bathtub
  • 1 towel
  • 1 charm (hair, eyes a piece of Jewelry etc.)

This spell works, or at least it worked for me. This doesn't belong to me it belongs to mermaidluver but I saw you couldn't get access to her profile so I reported it if you had any questions, I know I did and so I was hoping to make transformation easier for you.

Casting Instructions for 'become a mermaid when wet'

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1. Go into your bath
2. Stick your legs together at all times exept at step 4
3. Recite this: Mermaids and mermen of the deep blue sea,
make me what I wish to be a human when dry, a mermaid when wet,
Tail colour of___(what colour you want, multi-colour even) and powers of___(Freezing, boiling or molding water)
4. (separate your legs) stick your head underwater and scream : MERMAIDS AND MERMEN PLEASE LISTEN TO ME, MAKE ME WHAT I WISH TO BE, A HUMAN WHEN DRY, A MERMAID WHEN WET!!!
5. Get out of the tub and dry off quickly.
6. You will get your tail in 1 week and powers in 2 weeks.

Info: You must keep your symbol on at all times untill your powers and tail are fully there. The bath has to take at least 20 minutes.

Side effects: (all during transformation stage)
-Itchy legs
-legs turning the colour you want when wet
-hair growing abnormally faster (not during transformation)
-legs crossing by themselves some times sticking together

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