Beautiful Face

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • Burdock Herb
  • Dandelion Root(s)
  • Mahonia Herb
  • Oregon Grapes
  • Water
  • Fish Oil
  • Aloe

This requires mainly herbs, it's used to perfect your face, not change it. To help acne, highlighting features, and making your face stand out(in a good way)

Casting Instructions for 'Beautiful Face'

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Choose at least 2 of the ingredients listed, as long as you have fresh water for fish oil and/or if you choose to use a cream instead of ingesting it. if that is what you are using One thing about dandelions, the roots work best, so if you pick that herb, use the roots. Fish oil capsules are sold at almost every store, so they are easy to obtain.
If you are using fish oil:
Get you water ready. Have one cup more or less, depending on how much of the ingredients you have. It does not matter if the water is cold or warm, as long as it's not boiling hot. Make sure it's fresh or pure. Stab a little hole into the fish oil capsule, and drop it in the water. Let it sit for about 30 seconds. This is required so that the water can mix into the oil, making it spread. If you take the fish oil alone, it won't work as well. ----
For the rest, eat up! It's good for you. If you'd like to apply it as a cream, add half a teaspoon of water to any of the herbs except fish oil since it's meant as ingesting only. Mash them up if you need to. Applying as a cream will highlight your features more than eating them, as eating them is better for acne.


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