NEW mermaid/merman spell

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You will need the following items for this spell:

  • -Glass of water and salt
  • -voice
  • -a blue candle
  • -necklace

This spell will make you a mermaid/merman when wet and human when dry, with mer-powers.

Casting Instructions for 'NEW mermaid/merman spell'

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Chant this spell after you had done this, get a glass of water and put salt and crush the salt then add some water, just little water, now shake a bit, and then finish adding water in the glass, now
go in front at a mirror and show and reflect the glass upon the mirror,
now say just simple your ''Mermaid Wish''.
You'll need to do this for 8 days in a row,
anyway after you had said your wish, drink a bit of water,
just to taste your lips of the salt water,
imagine yourself as a mermaid, you need to make love with the
salt water, now you don't need to frow the water and next day
start all over-again, you must keep the glass in your room and every
morning do this, you'll need to do this every morning, but make sure
you will do this in morning time.
Ok so after you had did the first water salt thing recite
this spell at night-time with a moon, full moon will bring just
more power and so go on,
so you need to wear a mer-necklace
that symbolizes your mer-soul,
and now light a candle on color Blue or any water color,
now you must be in these places (Beach, lake, cave, pool,
volcano pool, moonpool, or bath-tube)
now add water salt on it and water just alike the glass,
put your founding shells inside the water, and go and fit in it,
if you are in the beach/sea just light the blue candle
and recite the spell and after go for a swim where the moon rises
the sea-water, this is the spell :

''magicland of sand make my wish to come into me
water of every sea make my dreams upon to me
i want tail when i'm wet and legs back when i'm dry
and i want it to last forever

my tail color (__) like my eyes will be
my powers of (__)

magic of the sea make my maid wish come true
magic of the earth make my tail when wet come to me
magic of the fire make my powers come into me
magic of the sky make my dreams follow me
magic of the sun make my legs when dry return to me''

these are all the Mer-Powers at the moment i know,
you can iven chose them all, or add new powers :

- Hydrokinesis
- Aerokinesis
- Hydro-Cryokinesis
- Cryokinesis
- Hydro-Thermokinesis
- Pyrokinesis
- Gelidkinesis
- Substanciakinesis
- Mecokinesis
- Pyrokinesis/Electrokinesis
- Combined Atmokinesis
- Telekinesis

So after you had done this make sure to do correct
the following 7 days in a row with doing no spells
becouse during that you will break this loading spell,
and this spell may not work a second time, not becouse
it works once but the belief is more stronger the first time,
the second time you already know how to do it so..
anyway, the ''Mermaid Wish'' you'll need to
stick it on your mirror, no one must see it,
and you need to write this :

''I wish to become a mermaid/merman when wet tail color (__)
and when i'm dry my legs turn back to me, powers of (__)
mote it be''.

so you need to say this everytime you reflect the glass in front
at your mirror so say this x1 and drink a bit,
the glass must need to be there the 8 days, at the last day
finish the glass and then with your fingers eat the salt you must
clean it iven with your tongue.

and if your not in the sea make reflect the moon in your water,
just open the window it will be there iven if you don't see it.
Oh and make sure every time you say the spell and the ''Mermaid Wish''
to chant it with high voice, not to scream but not a low voice.

if you had become a mermaid with my spells please
contact me and share me your story :
contact me iven for any questions or help..
I'm making a website you can please join it when it's complete :


This article was contributed by dreamer8888

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