To see Fairies?

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To see Fairies?
Post # 1
Do it require me to open my third eye to see fairies?Coz sooner or later I will try a spell that can summon a fairy.But I really don't know whether it will require me to open my third eye.Opening the third eye is complicated and difficult.
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Re: To see Fairies?
By: Moderator / Adept
Post # 2
To my knowledge you must have your third eye open to see fairies. Your third eye being open is what allows you to see many different magical beings.
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Re: To see Fairies?
Post # 3
Well when I was a little younger I made a little house for a fairy and I saw one fly around me in the corner of my eye, you could have your third eye I mean why not, but I would just make it easier and try to welcome fairies into your backyard or some woods somewhere quiet and alone
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Re: To see Fairies?
Post # 4
Yes I believe so, but during summoning, you mostly want to hear and sense it. You are able to summon no matter what. Summon means "call", and it depends on the entity if they're going to answer it. So they may come, but you may not hear them.

Third eye doesn't necessarily brings the ability of hearing and sensing.. It allows you not only to see spirits, but ender a higher consiousness, gain wisdom and so on..but this is another story.

I suggest to work on the other psychic abilities too (hearing & sensing) in order to do that. You may work on your Third Eye as well. Later, you'll be able to hear the Fairy.

On the other hand, spirits can manipulate senses..which means if they want to be heard/seen or whatever, they will. I don't know if they can manipulate your sense of hearing in other rituals, in order to hear them, but I'm preety sure they can do it through the Ouija board...
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