Spirit guide maybe???

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Forums -> Spiritual Creatures -> Spirit guide maybe???

Spirit guide maybe???
Post # 1
I enjoy pendulum dowsing to clear my mind and solve problems I need to 'sleep on', but today when I picked up my pendulum and asked it to show me yes, no, etc. (they change sometimes) it was reacting very very strongly. This was unusual so I asked if I was speaking to my higher self (i should have laid down ground rules before i started but i didn't) and it said no, so I asked if I was speaking to my spirit guide and it said yes. I've spoken to things that weren't me or my spirit guide before, so I am very wary, but the pendulum was very receptive and I felt very calm and at ease the whole time.

Through a series of questions (do you have a name? does it have less than ten letters? does it have nine letters? are you a spirit? are you an archangel? etc.) it told me that it was the archangel Zerachiel.

I asked lots of questions, he was very receptive and patient the whole time. I asked what he would like as offerings (coffee, incense, sweets, etc.) and he says he also likes bells and poetry. I also asked if I had more spirit guides. He said I have two other than him, and that one is a demon (which I'm pretty okay with, I'll be cautious) He also said that he's my primary guide.

I'm a little wary but my gut is telling me to trust him, but I'd like some opinions nonetheless! Tell me what you think!
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Re: Spirit guide maybe???
Post # 2

In my experience, our instincts and feelings during interactions with spirits tend to be the best way to determine if they're authentic or not. Since you said that you felt relaxed the entire time, and the spirit doesn't seem to want anything negative from you, it's pretty likely that they're telling the truth. Sometimes spirits will lie, but not necessarily be "bad" spirits, so it's good to stay wary until you've built a solid relationship with them. Continue interacting with them, and keep up any wards or shields while you're communicating, and I think you should be just fine! Many negative spirits tend to hate the sound of bells, so the fact that he likes them also makes me more likely to believe that it's not a bad spirit.

I wish you luck in your interactions, and hope you get the chance to really learn and grow with your spirit guide :)

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