Demon Clauneck

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Demon Clauneck
Post # 1
This is about the demon Clauneck, working with him, and my experience. Hopefully this can help anyone looking to work with him.

He is a demon under the Duke Syrach.
He has power over goods, riches, and hidden treasures for those who seek his help. He can give great wealth to those who seek his help, and is well loved by Lucifer.
He is open to working with anyone who seeks it, but they must be willing to put in the work. You will not magically get rich overnight, or get anything without doing something on your own. You must focus on your goals and desires, and he will help them manifest for you.
He is a Day Demon, so working during the day is best. You can prepare the environment for him, using green candles, his sigil, and offering wine.
Once you have asked for what you desire and begin your relationship with Clauneck you can praise him or honor him to show your appreciation. This should come after you do your ritual or spell, and before you see any results. You most likely won't see results until after you honor him. Praising him publicly is the best way, you can do this any way you'd like. Do whatever you are good at or feel is appropriate. I've seen someone do a painting where he dictated how he wanted to be portrayed. You could write an article such as this one, a blog, poem, story,etc.

I have worked with him before but did not ask the right way. Meaning I asked for something that want really possible, it did not require any work from me but mostly luck. So this was not possible or realistic. Although he could not give me what I asked for he did show me I made a connection. He gave me something else I really wanted but had not asked for. I wanted to hear from a specific person and hear the truth from them. After connecting with him I heard from this person out of the blue and heard what I'd always wished they'd say. I knew it was Clauneck.

I hope anyone who seeks him out has luck, and has realistic expectations. You may not get all you want at first but you will get more the longer you work at it. You must do the work on your end for him to help your desires manifest. stop worship/Clauneck/
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Re: Demon Clauneck
Post # 2

After reading this, I am actually very interested in this, do you have more information on this?

Message me (if you'd like) beccause I'd like to learn more about it.

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Re: Demon Clauneck
Post # 3
When you summon a demon, are you able to see them, or do you need a scrying device?
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Re: Demon Clauneck
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 4
You most likely would not physically see a demon. Many people who work with spirits perceive them in many different ways, from simply sensing a presence, interpreting thoughts as the communication, to forms of divination (yes, including scrying), feeling cold or warm spots or other changes in room temperature, random emotional shifts (sudden anxiety or fear, if that corresponds with the called entity, for example; love and joy in some cases), and many more possibilities.
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Re: Demon Clauneck
Post # 5
Very interesting! Thank you
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Re: Demon Clauneck
Post # 6
Seeing them just depends. But most likely you won't see them in a physical way. You may get a feeling of a presence, or see animals that aren't normally around that can be related to that demon. Or see other signs showing you contact was made. You can try scrying and that could work, but might not at first. Like anything it takes practice.
It also takes a lot of power on both sides for them to be able to manifest in a physical form for you to see. So I never expect to see them, but maybe in the future after more time working with them I might get to see them.
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