black forest nightmare

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black forest nightmare
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kinda make this short but i got a dream that i dont know if it was a dream. i rarely sleep on my own any more. i take strong sleep meds for almost two years. i stop taking them on occasion for health reasons. i had a dream though that i cant tell if it was or just a astral projection.

the dream starts with me running in a forest. its pure pitch black, no light but i can see my hands like i was faintly glowing by myself and a spear i was holding. the spear is bright red, 4ft long and it feels like its made of bone. theirs etches in the staff i can feel. i can see a faint outline of leaves and trees as i pass.

im not alone, while running i hear other creatures running on both sides of me. i cant see them but i can feel them. i can taste something in the air that my mind interprets as a feeling. a feeling of a predator. im running when i get my thoughts together. like when you realize its a dream but i keep moving, but when i do that the creatures feel even more real, i can feel something else from them thats quite not human nor animal. they have a intelligence there. i hit a cliff when i break thru the forest. i can see a ocean and clouds with a faint light to them as if theirs a moon hidden behind them but just barely.

i can still feel the creatures but cant see them. i put the spear point first down in front of me. i did something i didnt do for a long time and just breathed. i felt deep inside of me and concentrated. i let a emotion boil, hold it down, collapse it into a ball than explode from me. i can feel my skin grow goosebumps and hair stand up, a static feeling in the air i feel slightly lightheaded. my sense followed out wards, i can feel the creatures get slightly pushed back like it was a gust of wind. i can feel how many there are like if i was a echo. there was four of them, but their was a fifth one some way back at the edge. i could see what the four look like but the fifth was a blob i couldnt make out. the four look like muscled hyenas but the size of a deer. i did it again but much stronger, i used fear as the emotion. it didnt do anything but act as another gust of wind. then i used something i have never used in a dream or out of one. i used anger. i used pure anger. it came as a flame not as a gust of wind. pushing out with a sudden burst of light.

i not only could see the creatures but felt the one in the back come forward. it seem eager from the taste i got in my mouth like it wanted a show. i used a much older emotion, one that didnt have quite a name but its just as primal as rage. when this burst came i finally made a noise, not a single breath like the other ones or a grunt when i used rage. i roared, i felt long teeth in my mouth when i did it like i myself was turning into a monster. i can feel the earth move and the beasts start to move back. but the fifth still came forward. i heard nothing but silence from them till the fifth one was within just 15 ft from me. some of the clouds part and i saw light come down. just at the edge of the light i can see the fifth beast shape.

it had grey skin, their was etches in the skin that look like symbols were burned into the skin a long time ago. he was hairless, he had hornes but they were 4 with the tallest being 2 inches and look like they didnt break the skin. they look like two rows with the smaller ones behind the taller ones. he had the upper body of a gorilla but lower half of a man. his eyes were black. i finally got a emotion from him. it reeked in the air like a putrid stench. when i tasted it i knew it wasnt a normal dream. it had depth, presence, it told a story that came in a blur. i roared again with the same primal emotion i used before, i made me feel extremely light headed and nauseous. it grinned at me, like it was purely excited. it roared back. i almost got pushed over the edge. i felt drain, sick, the emotion i got from it was not a pure emotion but almost a declaration of thought. it felt like a plague, it felt like corruption, like a storm i couldnt comprehended. i felt a growl in my ear, and two wet pops. this growl was deep, guttural and inhuman. it pulled me back and woke me up.

the reason i didnt think it was a dream was because everytime i have a astral i always bring something back. its always a flip flop whether its good or bad. sometime its neutral with the only desire is to investigate sometimes its playful other times it just fucks with me or people i know. reason why i took the sleeping pills for two years. the thing i saw didnt catch my eye at first because it was at the top of my room but it basically was a giant brown hairy ball floating in the air. it was solid, not see thru or can be confused as a eye floaters. it floated like a snow flake around for like two minutes before just disappearing. i sweated thru my sheets. i think i got pulled out by it.

its not the first time this happen. last time it was a girl with dark black hair who whispered in my ear, the time before that it was a wierd animal. i go too deep i get pulled back or if im in trouble. i want to see this from a dream perspective since i think it started as that before i jumped fully in.
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