About making the psi ball

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About making the psi ball
Post # 1
I'm starting this thread because I want to make sure whether I'm simply imagining or actually creating a psi ball out of my energy. The fact is that I can't completely free my mind of thoughts because of music. Every time I try to concentrate and focus, I feel this music inside my head, made of small pieces of songs I'm into, all tied together, sometimes even looped, and that goes on like a musical stream of consciousness that I cannot stop. In these condition I very soon start to feel my hands holding what seems to be the psi ball, but I can't tell whether I am distracted and therefore simply imagining things, having some sort of touch hallucination, or if that actually helps me visualize better.
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Re: About making the psi ball
Post # 2
This might not mean a lot, as I?m pretty new, but here?s my guess.

Psi balls, and magick in general, doesn?t exists in the same way as you or I do, so it?s hard to gauge when it?s working. And magick varies from person to person. As for hearing music, that could be your way of meditating or a magickal creature trying to interact with you.

I meditate by invisioning rings carrying messages of peace surrounding me, and that just came to me trying to sleep better. If you think this is the case, try following the song you write in your head, and try imagining the music help shaping the psi ball.

If it?s a magickal creature, try to first out what it is and try to interact with it. It would depend on what it is for how you carry it out. Look through a list of names that belong to magickal creatures and look for similarities in your life and if the name just stands out to you.

And with that knowledge, you could use this to better shape your psi balls. I?ve tried to get it before and only gotten barely into it. If you are trying to enchant an item with it, hold that in your hands, or have some constant reminder of your goal. Maybe play music in the background to focus and strengthen you?
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Re: About making the psi ball
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 3
Psi balls are an exercise in energy manipulation and (I hate to use such a specific term) visualization. It's more like deliberate perception than strictly visualization.

When you 'create' a psi ball, you're simply practicing moving preternatural energy within yourself, directing it to a space between your hands. Whether you choose to visualize a ball of light, or whether you concentrate purely on the sensation, the purpose is the same.

As for the music, it's because of one thing: Your brain never stops. It seeks stimulation at all times, and when there is not enough external stimulation, it creates internal stimulation. This is that sudden excessive stream of thoughts so many people experience.

Something to consider is that you are not your thoughts; you may choose to participate or not. Also, quieting the mind is not easy -- not in the least. A few seconds of thoughtless silence is nearly impossible. This is why some choose to practice meditation as a singularity in thought, such as a mantra. There are also methods of acknowledging thoughts, and letting them pass.

Some advice for earworms (the technical term for songs stuck in your head) is to play the end of the song in your mind. It usually causes the song to no longer be stuck in your head. So try picking one song at a time, play the ending, and moving on. It will not silence your thoughts. But it can be a way to help alleviate some distractions along the way.
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