Gaurdian dragons/guides

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Gaurdian dragons/guides
Post # 1
hey guys. i want to find my gaurdian dragon/ dragon guide but i dont know how. can anyone help me with that? i know that everyone has a personal dragon guide or gaurdian dragon. but not all of us have found him/her. i want to know how to find mine and summon him/her. any help would be greatly appreciated. thankue
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Re: Gaurdian dragons/guides
By: / Beginner
Post # 2

Hey, so I just found this draconic follower youtuber couple days ago and her videos have improved my knowledge on dragons and how to contact them her channel is called DragonFeather369 I'll leak some of her videos that may help you out! :)

Please, keep in mind just because these videos helped me out doesn't mean they will help you out also but hopefully, they do!

Here's also a guided meditation to help you find our your animal totem

Here's also a forum about dragons magick that can maybe help you

Which was written by Nekoshema I really do recommend talking to her about dragon guardians since she does have tons of experience!


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Re: Gaurdian dragons/guides
By: / Novice
Post # 3
The links you posted were very interesting. I was just taking a look on this forum because I wanted to see what people were saying about this topic. :)
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Re: Gaurdian dragons/guides
By: / Beginner
Post # 4
While indeed everyone has a guiding/teaching entity that remains near and helps you learn and grow, not every guide will necessarily be a dragon. Bear in mind that the guide that you work with is an ascended teacher whose personality and style of exposing you to wisdom will be the most compatible with the ways you learn and grow. The best guide for you may not be a dragon but some other entity. It could be amother being like a gryphon, or a deity that decides to takd you under his/her wing. Or it could come in the form of an animal of symbolic significance. Or it could be an enlightened figure of the past, or it/they could be entirely formless and come to you as a presence of light.

This means that if you are looking for a connection with the entity that has already been around you, helping and inspiring from the background, it is best to try and let go of what form you expect your guides/guardians to take. What your guide is, is of much less significance than your ability to hear what they have to teach. A guide's job is to lead you to yourself, and whatever being that is currently your guide has likely -been- your guide over many lifetimes and so there is a working relationship and familiarity already in place.

Now, of course if you feel that you want to call to a dragon to connect with you certainly can, even if you are already working with your guides or if for any other reason you are not already connected with a dragon. Like most ascended masters there is almost always -someone- willing to come by and help. But the dragon will not be likely to take on the mantle of being your bespoke guide. At least not right away. First, like any relationship it will start at the beginning. Though if there is a compatibility between yourself and the dragon that answers your call then that could settle quickly into a deeper, more insightful connection. It wouldn't be unusual for your guide and a newly arrived guiding entity to work together, or for one to temporarily step aside to allow the other to teach you something specific.

All of that said, Any ritual or meditation that you want to write or work can help you connect with a dragon. Or any other guiding entity really. The only critical difference between contacting a dragon versus anything else is simply what you ask for when you do the calling. Personally I would suggest first doing a broader call for a 'spirit guide' and taking the time to reconnect with whatever beings you have already been working with and learning from. If it's a dragon, hey great! If not there is still lots to learn and reconnecting with that relationship might prove to have the value you are looking for. Then you can also always do another calling to ask for a chance to earn the friendship of a dragon who would be willing to help you learn and grow.
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Re: Gaurdian dragons/guides
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 5
This thread has been moved to Spiritual Creatures from Other Spells Discussion.
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