Dream cycle?

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Forums -> Fortune Telling -> Dream cycle?

Dream cycle?
Post # 1
For a while now, I?ve been having dreams of the future. Just bits and details, maybe describing a play or the weather until a specific circumstance is met. After recently getting into witchcraft and learning more about how to have more dreams, I can typically pull off 2 a month. It?s really amazing to see how they go out in reality.

But there is something that is enough to creep me out. My dreams are starting to go back through themselves, randomly. It?s been a few weeks of this, and the months prior always had dreams ending in near death. And the dreams have been coming more often now. The only non-repeated event is a dream where people are zombies and a person I know is blind. Any ideas, or at the very least just some advice? It?s only been a couple of dreams so far.
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Re: Dream cycle?
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
Hi Drelthian

like you i see the future in my dreams. i look at my dreams as a large tree each message is its own tree starting at the centre circle of life and the ones that repeat around it are repeating to help us understand the true meaning of the centre.
if you dream of zombies and a person blind.if this is the centre dream if could mean there is a person who is blind, consumed with lose of ones they have lost and find them self walking among the un-dead blind to there being. this could be someone in need of a friend in there dark times but like i said it depends of the other dreams too the near death could mean someone trying to avoid death or escaping the emotions of it by disconnecting them selves from death.
that being said my opinion is as an outsider and since it is your dream i cant say that its the case as you are the one with the connection not me. i suggest writing down as much information you can and then meditate over the meaning revisit them in you mind and try and discover the deeper meaning... I hope this helps and i hope you find the truth behind the message
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Re: Dream cycle?
Post # 3
The cycle of dreams I was having stopped with a regular dream of the future. I believe they were serving as a reminder that these dreams aren?t necessarily meant to serve as a tool to control the future, rather a tool to better observe and learn about the present.

I wonder how many others experience these dreams, as well.
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Re: Dream cycle?
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Sometimes dreams can foretell the future, sometimes they are only dreams. I have zombie dreams all the time, thank the Goddess they are not coming true. the best trick to defeat the Zombies is to have a lucid dream and you will be able to control the outcome.
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Re: Dream cycle?
Post # 5

As a child I would have a reoccurring dream, then as a teen it stopped. later in life it started up again after a hypnotic session. As I am an artist as well, one day I felt like sketching so I sat dow and then I realized I was skechting my dream. When I finished it I had a tramatic expierience connected to it.

Also all through my teen hood and even a little before I started to have a reoccurring dream about a house, this went on for decades, utill I was finally actually in the house from my dreams, once there I had a tramatic expierence. then I never dreamed of it again.

For me these dreams are leading me to something I should know, either something from my past as the first one revealed, or something from someonen elses past that they wanted me to know.

Either way I see these dreams as a beacon kind of like a light house, somewhat as a directional ray of light, but with a warning that there is danger too! To prepare me for the rocks that can destroy me if I don't take care!

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