How have you changed?

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How have you changed?
Post # 1
Merry Meet,

I realized that my magickal practices have changed over the years. As I learned more, encountered hardships, and grew as a person, my spiritual self has expanded in some ways, and narrowed in others. But one thing that stood out in my mind is the relationship I have with the Goddess. I originally joined this site to help me connect with Her so I can honour her.

By honouring the Goddess I am beginning to appreciate feminine energy and my empathy/compassion has greatly expanded. I am forever grateful for these moments in the past couple months that are guiding me through my spiritual journey. I discovered my path is part of the Reclaiming tradition (Thank-you, Starhawk). Also thank-you to the people on this site who helped me reach there as well. Even though we may be so far apart, we can connect anywhere, anytime.

What about you? What significant changes have you encountered through growing spiritually? I hope to hear your experiences whether they be positive or negative, honesty is appreciated. I love you all!
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Re: How have you changed?
Post # 2
the holy goddess I follow will not named here. But she is different from most as she is of both genders. I am able to make using of her magic at will. I will tell nothing of myself though as most would not believe me even if I told them, and those that follow the same Goddess I follow face persecution themselves.

But the major change I went through is I now am similar to this goddess. I'll leave it at that and don't ask me about the details.
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Re: How have you changed?
Post # 3
that's wonderful to hear! as for me, once had started following magickal practices and wiccan beliefs, the world around me changed. I realized how lucky I was to have a life. to be upon mother earth. I realized how special everything around me is. how I am equal with everything. I realized how there is masculine and feminine energy within everything. that helped to bring a balance within myself. I started taking better control of my actions, and much more good started coming my way. it was such a beautiful feeling. I just felt an immense amount of love come over me for myself, for the world, for the goddess and god. I still feel it each day, and I am thankful for that. Much love to you, and blessed be!
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