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Post # 1
Ive spent days trying to figure this out so if anyone can be of help that would nice last friday i got a message from this guy who asked me was i feel okay claiming he was and empath and could sense my aura weeking i was taking back but i said yes as i did feel bad that day. I tried to move on with the conversation but he kept coming back to saying his energy was weeking so i asked if there was anything I could do to help he told be to send energy to him he told be how to do it and i dont think i really did it right i didnt really feel drained but anyway i told him that was the best i could do and if he was still drained to just sleep it off he never responded. I checked back the next day to see he deleted his account
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Re: Help
Post # 2
That's really weird... Are you sure he was honest or e was an empath?
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Re: Help
Post # 3
No i wasn't sure i was just going of what he told me
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Re: Help
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 4

Sounds like you were being scammed and the reason the person's account disappeared was because they were violating the rules of this site.

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Re: Help
Post # 5
Yeah, I wouldn't worry about it too much. Stuff like that it's pretty common, and people who send messages like that are usually Gagged pretty quickly.
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Re: Help
By: / Beginner
Post # 6
Just like with any public place, online or off, make sure you keep yourself aware of suspicious things. If your instincts tell you there is something fishy going on, they are probably right.

It is indeed very strange that a person would randomly contact another person anonymously to ask for things- regardless of if it is for gifts, money, or energy any such requests it should be met with caution. It's incredibly noble and nice of you to want to help so freely, but you need to be aware of your health and safety.

An act like channeling energy for another person, especially when you are not familiar with the practice, can open the door for a more experienced person to take a certain number of liberties. And, as it seems you have already experienced, it can be a personally draining exercise when you are new to things. I am assuming that when you were trying to send energy, you were visualizing that you were sending -your- energy instead of channeling energy through yourself. It's a common thing that I ended up doing for the first while as well. For a long time I always wondered why healing sessions and other practices would leave me drained and wanting a nap- I was just lucky enough to have a family member who tipped me off to the problem.

As for those 'liberties' I mentioned, when someone channels energy to another person, especially when they are using their own energy, they are forming a mental-emotional connection to them. This connection goes both ways and the receiver can develop a feel for your energy that they might be able to use to connect back to you at a later time. Considering that you are actively working to send them energy it is in effect an implicit permission for there to -be- a connection. They can take advantage of that if you don't close the door after.

Honestly it sounds like this person likely identifies themselves as a Psi-vampire, or at least that is the most logical option to explain a) how he/she would be randomly 'losing energy', b) it gives a reason for the person to have experience on energy working and feeding/how to instruct people to hive him/her energy, and c) how you would feel excessively drained after.

Whether or not the person actually -is- vampiric or not doesn't change that the belief in it gives them a feeling of need, and also relative experience and/or instruction in how to pull energy from people.

My best advice at the moment;

-If someone you do not know suddenly/randomly asks you for help on any level, mundane or energy-wise, do not be afraid to ask questions. Making sure you understand the situation helps protect you from jumping in to any bad situations, and it also helps you figure out the best way to help them.

-in future, when attempting to work energy remember to first reach out and connect with some outside source. Anything that you consider as a positive source will do. Some connect with the concept of the higher self. Others might work through the help of a guide or relevant deity. Still more might consider ideas like drawing from the spiritual planes themselves or Christ-consciousness or Gaia/Maya. Wherever you feel a connection to through your practice, form that connection anew for every session, and always reach out for the most positive vibrations you can.

Think of it this way; The person needing energy is a desert. You are an oasis. The energies around you are an ocean. Allow yourself to be the pipeline that links the ocean to the desert, that way your own pool is also filled and made stronger.

-Seeing as you already opened the door to this person, it might be a good idea to do something to close it again. In all likely-hood the person has already moved on to other things but better safe than sorry. This can be done through a cleansing if you are familiar with any, or by a meditation and visualization.

Imagine yourself as a glowing light, with little threads disappearing off into the distance to the people you have given thought, attention, and energy to. friends, family, people you have mentally associated both positive and negative emotions to.

Think briefly about each person and be consciously aware of how your thoughts and body react. If you feel physical or emotional tension when you think about a specific person, or if your thoughts turn to negative ones, center your focus on one particular thread and imagine it as being the one that leads to that person.

First, give them back any energy that you have taken yourself. By that I mean let go of your worries about them, your ideas or wondering or concerns regarding them, their well being, and their potential effects on you. Send those thoughts and emotions back to the person. No need to add any desire for revenge or justice. If anything include a sense of compassion.
Either way just recognize those energies as not belonging to you, and send them back to where they should be. It's that person's energy after all. You don't want to steal theirs any more than you would want them stealing yours.

Finally, imagine that thread like a hose, wire, or pipeline, anything that makes you think of a flow. End that flow, then break or cut that connecting line. If you want, you can tie the process into an affirmation like "The door is closed", so that as you continue to practice this exercise you can eventually simply think or say that statement and have the rest happen immediately.

Drink a small glass of fresh water, head outside to soak up some sun for a few minutes, and make sure you get a proper sleep tonight and you should be fine. ^_^
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Re: Help
By: / Novice
Post # 7
If the person sounds weird, delete their message and block them.
If they are really disturbing, let a moderator know about it. They will take care of them for you.
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