understanding terminology

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understanding terminology
Post # 1
Recent became a member and was looking through some of the spells and I am having problems understanding some of the terms I really do want to learn more and to be able to use spells better but not sure what things like charging mean a example would be charging a candle it might be simple and I know it but at this time it is not clicking.
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Re: understanding terminology
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
There are many ways to 'charge' a candle. Some of them are dependent upon tradition, though some instructions you may find online are very general.

Charging a candle is basically embuing the candle with the intent you wish for it to serve in your working. It is related to energy manipulation.

Some people will hold it in two hands, some with one hand, while visualizing their intent entering into the candle.

Some people involve the deities they work with, whether still through visualization, through prayer, or other methods.

Some may inscribe words or runes, whether or not it is part of a spell later on.
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Re: understanding terminology
By: / Beginner
Post # 3

People have explained "charging" here already, but do you have any other terms you feel unsure about? I'd be glad to explain them if you list them, be it here or on a private message, what works best for you :)

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Re: understanding terminology
Post # 4
Mostly just trying to understand more about magic and spells I have been told that you need certain candle or certain types of thread or things like that was even told a wand is a must but then found out you can cast a spell with put anything if it is worded correctly I do believe in magic and have seen it at work so I know it is out there but I am willing to take all the info I can get so that I can become better at it
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Re: understanding terminology
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
i can understand how things seem so confusing. I remember feeling like I was spinning my tires in mud for a good year before I started to understand things in any meaningful way.

part of what makes magic so tricky is that it relies a lot on the use of symbolism. Magic is sympathetic; when working a spell it is about representing a larger idea, solution, goal, or outcome of a situation in a small-scale way. So it is all done by representation.

because of this, while there tends to be a lot of common ground and logical connection among different symbols and how they relate to larger things, there is still a measure of personal discovery needed. Any single large-scale thing can be represented by multiple small-scale symbols. So it is up to the individual to learn about the different possibilities to see what they feel the strongest connection to.

This is why it is often strongly suggested that when working magic, the person create their own spells. the spells and writings of others that are out there are more like templates or guidelines. use them for inspiration by taking them apart to their core principles, and then reassembling something similar that is personally more significant.

As far as the actual use of the terminology in magic and spells, it helps to treat the words the same way you would on a mundane level. 'charging' something is the act of adding energy to something that stores it. Charging a battery, charging a crystal, charging a candle, same principle.

'binding' mundanely means to tie something up, or tie things together. same thing in magic. binding a wound means stitching it closed. Binding a tear, same thing. Binding a criminal means putting them in cuffs or other restraints to prevent them from doing something. Binding in magic means the same thing.

Cleansing; mundanely it means sweeping the floor, washing the windows, doing the laundry, taking dirty things and making them clean again. magically it means cleaning away bad emotions. letting go of stress or other bad moods. Sweeping away energies that make you feel mentally, emotionally, or spiritually dirty.

Drawing a circle; literally bending down and drawing a picture of a circle.

Closing a circle; like closing a door to seal your house from outside, it is the act of telling yourself that the circle is now a wall that is closed off so only the things that are already inside of it can be inside of it.

Whenever you see a term or symbol or action that you don't understand, take some time to look at it objectively. What does that thing do in normal life? How is that function similar to what is trying to be done at that point in the spell? What does the term in question mean when it is used in everyday normal conversation? It probably means something similar in magic.

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