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Post # 1
I didn't exactly know what to title this post but anyway there is something I want to talk about. I don't exactly know how much I believe when it comes to religion or magic but I've been looking for an answer for something for a long time and I thought these forums could help me answer that. I've heard of "grounding" a practice in which you concentrate/meditate to connect yourself to surrounding magickal energies (forgive me if I'm wrong as I am new to this). For the past 2 years I have thought that through my hand I could feel string like tugs from the people around me. They were suddle but definitely their and anytime I concentrated I could feel them. Whenever I try to reach out to them I can feel the energy connecting to me in the form of a warm current. However I have only tried this on certain people, they seem to feel nothing but I can feel their energy connecting to my own. I have two questions, is this some form of grounding? And do people have energy inside of themselves as well? I have no idea is this is just pure coincidence or some false sense but it has been confusing me for some time and I would just like to get an answer, thank you!
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Re: Energy
Post # 2
I also interested in learning about grounding and the steps it take so to connecting to the energies around you.
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Re: Energy
By: Moderator / Knowledgeable
Post # 3

You might find my article on grounding and centering to be useful. You can find it at -

To answer your other questions -

Yes, people do have energy that is outside themselves. It is called the "energetic" or "etheric" body and it surrounds every living thing. - If you are sensitive to energy flows it is indeed possible to feel contacts with the energy surrounding others.

While sensing such things isn't the same as grounding, there are some similarities. You could draw energy from those around you, but this is generally considered very bad manners in a magical sense. Grounding is generally defined as connecting to the Earth below and the Heavens above. Pulling from other humans is called being an "energy leech" or more romantically a "psychic vampire".

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Re: Energy
Post # 4
Thank you for this informational I will definitely check out this article.
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Re: Energy
By: / Beginner
Post # 5
Generally speaking the act of grounding is a meditative exercise. the term is centered on the idea of placing one's attention to the present moment and in connecting with the energies of the earth to help release excessive or negative energies. In practical terms, Grounding is any action that is used to bring a sense of personal calm and release of stress.

This is usually achieved through some light meditation and visualization of some act or process that represents a channeling or flow of energy from yourself into the ground. The most common is the imagining of roots stretching downward from the soles of your feet into the earth, and imagining any tension or stress flowing down and out like water. But it can be any image you are comfortable with that carries a similar idea of flow and release.

People have what is referred to as an energetic or etheric body in addition to the physical one. It is a field of energy responsible for the presence of things like the meridians and chakras. The energy of our bodies also radiates outwards in the form of an aura. People sensitive to energy can tune in their awareness to the different aspects of this energy to gain information over things like general health, mental/emotional state, vibration/spiritual connection, and that sort of thing.

By what you are describing in the sensations of your hands when you try to tune-in to the energies of others it does indeed sound like you have some natural sensitivity to energy working. The presence and movement of energy tends to feel like a warmth or gentle tingling, and depending on how it is moving it can feel like a slight pulling or pushing sensation as well. I would recommend getting your hands on as many books as you can having to do with energy working, auras, the chakras, and possibly reiki or other energy-working practices.
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Re: Energy
Post # 6
Connecting my energies to another person's was actually the first thing I ever attempted. We all radiate energy because everything IS energy. It's a great place to start and allows you to truly grasp what forces we work with.
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