Love spells that work

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Love spells that work
Post # 1
I'm trying to win back an ex-lover and although I am an experienced witch from a family of witches I still struggle with this. I won't let him go that easily because I believe he is my soulmate. What spells have you tried and did they work.

Thank you very much.
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Re: Love spells that work
By: / Novice
Post # 2
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Re: Love spells that work
Post # 3
First of all I want to say I don't condone taking away someone's free will, if this person really wants to leave you I think maybe it is best to let him, or give it some time at least.
Second, when doing spells like this you really have to think it through and have a clear mind. A lot can go wrong if you don't pay attention to detail.
Third, I think maybe it's a good idea to try some communication spells, or truth spells. It's good to get everything out in the open in romantic relationships, and I think that's something they should be based off of. I find this really helped me in the past, because it helps me figure out what I actually want, and what is best for me and the other person.
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Re: Love spells that work
Post # 4
Ok so this is my point of view with love spells. They are fake. You can't make someone love you. Its un ethical and wrong. That's taking freewill away. Stripping their ability to make desicons. Not to mention, the relationship would be empty. You would probably feel like there's no substance in the relationship and it'd end anyway. What I'd suggest is a nudge. Something to suggest the idea of trying again. Maybe a spell of remembering? Aim it at the good times. The love. That way, its only a suggestion and he is still able to decide if its worth it or not. A spell to admit how he feels, but not to you. To himself. Help him think about the truth. How does he really feel? Does he miss you? Is he really happy? I'd be careful what spells you cast, how many you cast, and how strong you make them. You REALLY don't want to overdo it. The best love spell is time and commitment. Find him, tell him how you feel. The truth. Good luck.
Merry meet, merry part, and merry meet again. May you forever and always,
Blessed be.
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Re: Love spells that work
Post # 5
I will dissagre it's unethical because moral is something totally subjective. I don't agree with the idea of love spells as well but moral is subjective.

Soul mates are not twin flames. Twin flame relationship lasts forever even after physical death forever again, but soulmates are temporare. In a couple of past lifetimes I know I had a soulmate and the end in both was Not preety but in this lifetime we don't feel this type or love. We're just friends and I had a couple of Serious obssessions with her but they weren't more than a month-and that, was not random (I suspect either Karma or something like that).

You may be soulmates but maybe it's time for him to go. Something which is okay because sooner or later you will fall in love again. And you will find your twin flame sooner or later. Don't be surprised if I tell you you have found him already (I don't mean him)...

I haven't tried any love spells... Keep in mind that they may not last forever; laws of the Universe.
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