Sending emotions to other

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Sending emotions to other
Post # 1
So, I have this method of falling asleep that I'm 99% sure in magickal. I imagine rings going around me, sending messages like "calm" or "sleep". It works pretty well. Here's why I think it's magickal. After getting into magick, I started to be able to do it with my eyes open.

I tried it with my cat, and it started falling asleep, barely able to keep her eyes open. I left for five minutes, and she was awake and active. Then, I repeated it. It worked! Is this something I could keep growing? I want to start trying different emotions and maybe start on people.
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Re: Sending emotions to other
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
It does indeed sound like you have taught yourself a spot of energy working. i wouldn't say you are sending around emotions per-se, but it does sound like you have been able to use a bit of meditation, stillness, and directed imagery to start moving around energies that might promote the idea of relaxation and calm.

There are several different ways you can learn about and develop this practice. It all depends on how you want to apply it. Energy-working is one of those foundational practices that can be applied to meditation, formal magic, healing, internal awareness, and of course personal growth.

Avenues of possible study can come from martial arts (Chi-gung/tai-chi), Reiki, Ayurveda, Hatha-yoga, tantra, Buddhism, Taoism, modern spirituality/new age, laying hands, and of course the many paths and practices under the umbrella of 'magic'.

By way of suggestions, I would start with a few fundamental tips;

In all things, begin with the self. First work on becoming aware of the feel and flow of energy within yourself, it will help you to understand the feel and flow of energy around you.

Do not be the pond trying to feed a desert. Be the pipe connected to the ocean. Be aware that when working with energy it's better to channel through yourself than to try and push out your personal energy. The universe is a much larger source than your own body and metabolism, after all.

Action follows thought. Be aware of your intent when working energy, and concentrate more on the goal than on the specific process. The more you get out of the way of things, the easier the energy moves.

In each session, begin anew. As people our own vibration goes up and down with our moods and focus. Some days we are more uplifted than others. Each time you decide to begin working with energy, begin by 'reaching out' to the highest source you can reach. As you learn and gain experience, the energy you will be able to reach for and connect to will change as well.

And of course my mailbox is always open as well. ^_^
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