Chaos Magick?

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Forums -> Misc Topics -> Chaos Magick?

Chaos Magick?
Post # 1
I saw a member's response on another post, mentioning they cannot work with the Chaos. Chaos to me hmm..I have a concept of it but cannot put it into words; is maybe a divine force or something, an unpredictable one, blah blah blah. It's like I know what it is-either intuitively or something, but cannot apply it into words. I deffinetely though don't know fully what it is, I may have an idea of it.

The thing is, are there certain people that can work with Chaos Magick? How's that possible, can it destroy people?
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Re: Chaos Magick?
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
There are a lot of misinformed people where chaos magic is concerned.

Chaos is not a destructive force; rather, it is not a set path. Chaos magic shares ideas among traditions, encourages improvisation, and considers results to be the only measure of success.

There are many ideas about chaos floating around, and since it is not a set tradition, much is correct.

That said, there is also the expression of chaos in the sense of disorder, disarray, energetic inconsistency, which is descriptive of a situation, and not necessarily associated with chaos magic.

A lot of chaotes will still associate with a specific tradition, while they practice chaos magic.

It has been a very interesting topic to read about, and there is no way to list all its facets in a single forum post.
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Re: Chaos Magick?
By: / Novice
Post # 3
if you're referring to my post, i'm a very organized person, chaos energy can be very chaotic [obviously] and the energy can work in any number of ways to bring the desired change [once i was told it could work in the past, present, or future to bring the change you wish and that baffled me] while i like chaos and wish i was more spontaneous [i was when i was a teen] my anxiety can flair up if i don't have a set plan in place for something, so if i cannot understand something i panic, hence why i choose not to work with chaos energy. i don't hate it, and i hope one day to work with it, right now, it's not my cup of tea. [which reminds me, i left my tea in the kitchen...]

my fiance on the other hand has ADHD and is all over the place with his focus and energy, so he can only understand chaos energy and only works with chaos energy. he tells me it's not something you understand, it's something you feel, which causes me to go 'if you don't understand how it works, how can you work with it?!' and i start to panic [see the pattern?] i've gotten a lot calmer and have started relaxing around chaos energy, but i still don't comprehend it and therefore i'm not ready to work with it. however, i do feel it's a major driving force in the universe and is a key component in magick.
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Re: Chaos Magick?
Post # 4
Thanks for your answers guys. :)
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Re: Chaos Magick?
By: / Novice
Post # 5
I'd argue that chaos magic is a set path; it has rules, it has dogma, it has certain beliefs. If many of the people who claim to practice it do not follow those rules, dogma, and beliefs, then they aren't following chaos magic, they are doing something else. (Like people who claim to be Wiccan, but don't practice Wicca. Or any form of religion or path.)

Chaos magic has a precept of:
"Nothing is true, everything is permitted."
What this means is, what you do doesn't matter because none of it is the Great Truth. So long as you believe in what you do when you do it and do not go back and doubt it after it's done, it will happen and stay that way. This is why chaos magic tends to recommend doing a working, then forgetting about it as much as possible. To doubt is human, but if it's forgotten it cannot be doubted; it is simply a part of one's every day reality.

Chaotes are closer to eclectics than other groups, because they use whatever works for them for however long it works for them. The main difference between the two groups is that a chaote is recommended to learn as much about a new paradigm as possible and to later move on away from that belief system to another. Eclectics tend to be more stable in their practice. Another difference is most chaotes are involved in philosophy, theology, psychology, etc, whereas not all eclectics ate involved with them to the same extent.

I would never call chaos magic not a set path because it totally is a set path; there's just a lot of people who call themselves a thing without understanding the thing.
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Re: Chaos Magick?
By: / Beginner
Post # 6

The thing is working with Chaos directly and expericing it's energy is that In order to have chaos, there first must be order. Only danger is the one you set up for yourself and being doubtful.

Their is other systems out there can wreck someone mentally like for example working with the Qliphoth and Cthulhu Mythos.

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Re: Chaos Magick?
By: / Novice
Post # 7
I use Sigils in my practice, I like the set it and forget it approach.
But then again, I'm eclectic and use what works for me.
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