Hello, I Am New Here.

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Hello, I Am New Here.
Post # 1
Well, I'm not sure how to introduce myself. I am a guy, but I don't feel comfortable revealing my age. I was brought here by my boyfriend, and I'm curious about magic.

However, I'll be honest. I'm mainly here to discover the truth about whether this is real or not. I'm naturally a skeptical person, but I thought I might as well try some things out and see if they work. I mean, what better way to see if it's real then to see it work right in front of me?

Anyways, to list a few more things about me, I'm not a spiritual or religious person, nor do I claim to have any special powers or abilities. I'm open to the idea if there's some form of evidence for it, but until that is presented I try to stick to what I know. Like I said, I'm willing to open my mind and see if what is claimed here is true.

If this does turn out to be true, I do have an end goal in mind, but I'd rather not talk about it until another time, and to only those I find on here I can trust.

I don't have many resources available to me at the moment, so I cannot try to do anything complex. So yeah, if you want me to try out a spell, please don't make it have too many materials, or have it require a ton of steps.

That's about it for me. I'd like any help you could offer me. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask them, and I'll do my best to answer them. With all of that said, thanks for spending time out of your day to read, and maybe even reply.

Qwerty out.
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Re: Hello, I Am New Here.
By: / Knowledgeable
Post # 2
Howdy, Qwerty!

There are plenty of people involved in the Occult who are atheist, agnostic, and very skeptical.

Some believe that magic is purely psychological, a sort of self-hypnosis. Jungian psychology can be significant in this view, with things like archetypes.

For example, there are people who practice summoning the Goetia, but believe the (supposed) demons are merely aspects of the subconscious mind rather than actual entities.

And you said you are looking for results. There are a few things to consider about magic in this regard.

Firstly, it is not like Hollywood. Magic is subtle. There are no sparkles, flashes of light, levitation, or anything of that sort. It's sort of like prayer or meditation, though some traditions have more ceremony, and spells can have a bit of ritual involved. Beyond that mild digression, magic is more about belief than tangible results -- especially when dealing with external circumstances.

A lot of practitioners will tell you that the greatest work is personal development -- the old cliche of the search for enlightenment. Using meditation, ritual, etc., to confront one's own inner turmoil, to improve inner peace and outer attitude.

Most results are what people call synchronicity -- that is a coincidence with significance. If someone casts a spell, does a ritual, charges a sigil, says a prayer, etc., for (too easy an example) encountering a person wearing a bright red shirt, and they literally bump into someone the next day who happens to be wearing a bright red shirt, it is up to the practitioner to decide whether that was the desired result, or if it was just a coincidence.

In that regard, much of what magic entails is belief, and not quantifiable fact. It is why many will shy away from spiritual experiences of others, as it cannot be proven or disproven.
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Re: Hello, I Am New Here.
Post # 3
Thanks for the reply. It's good to know I'm not the only skeptic here.

Anyways, I was expecting this not to be easy, however I still seek some sort of result. Mainly something I cannot credit to a coincidence, or so many "coincidences" in a row that I cannot deny the possibility of there being something more to it.

I've been interesting in trying meditation for a while, but not for its supposed spiritual effects, but rather just as a way to keep calm and learn to focus better. I also try to examine the world around me, and question life, the universe, myself, and everything to hopefully achieve some sort of higher understanding through thought exercises, logic, and researching/developing philosophies.

While I understand belief is an important part, I also do my best to find answers beyond that. I feel like it's a part of who I am, and I'm determined to discover the truth in one way or another. While it may be harder that way, I live for a challenge.
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Re: Hello, I Am New Here.
Post # 4
I was too!! like a year ago when I first started looking into this. I got my proof. you'll get yours. Share it if you wanna. I'm curious now :3
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Re: Hello, I Am New Here.
Post # 5
That's good, although I doubt anything really big would happen. I mean, things still must remain within the laws of the universe, gravity, time, all of those sorts of things. Although I don't really want to share my end goal right now, it's far-fetched and may not even be possible.
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