deja vu dreams and me

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deja vu dreams and me
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hey i havent been hear in a while..... like a long time. i use to have spiritual guidance a long time ago when i was little in a very unusual way. i dont any more for almost 7 years maybe 10 years. i have wierd things happen to me that involve me when i sleep. i usually keep them under raps now with constant sleeping pills.... like really powerful ones that make my body sleep but i never get that full.... experience. last night i changed that stop taking them for almost a full 24 hours and well this thread is a result. i need help researching deja vu dreams. i had them alot when i was little and they were part of "expierence". the reason why i want to research it now was because i was small living in a very very religious family that opposed to all that stuff. im 23 now and been taking pills since i was 18. i stop having the dreams when i was 13 but they came back again when i turn 18 with a little friend to boot which forced me to take the sleeping pills.

the dream.... its the first one i had full control in. control as in it lasted longer than 10 secs. i could hear what i spoke but no control over though. it was like i was witnessing a event. the one thing i also notice was i can see in only one direction like 180 degree in that direction. i was with my girlfriend who i barely recognzied because she was older and in better shape. we were doing a job or i was helping her do hers. i told her what she looked like and she kinda scare the crap out of me because the hair color in the dream was the hair color she wanted right now and planned on getting it if she got around to it. being in shape was also surpising for her because she apparently just started doing yoga and kickboxing classes which i didnt know. the dream had a second part i saw my father that i hate with every bone in my body walk up to me from my far left. he had a serious face but when i turned to look at him it looked like.... time moved forward. like fast forward. i was in a court house hallway... like i was in jerry duty or something with a few people around but now mentioning my dad i can see why i was there.

i need help better understanding these dreams and gradually have them come back without disturbing my life. i tried to when i was 18 but.... shit happen and it wasnt helping me to have them back.

magical experiences i have had back then was hearing and seeing things that wasnt there. seeing things appear and dissappear sometime trying to get my attention other times didnt know i notice them. touching things that wasnt there with no explantions why i feel like im touching a furry animal when there was nothing there. waking and talking with people who were not there for about 5 minutes. getting full responses. first i though it was all in my head till people who came into my home expiereinced it too. when i was little i had a friend that guided me with this stuff but their gone because i didnt want to accept that full path. when i was little it was like my soul wanted to escape my skin. i had memories and experiences that were not my own. i wanted to know if this back then is why i had this daja vu dream. from the date i got in the dream its gonna happen about 7 years from now in may i think. they have always been right before but they only last 20 secs with it feeling like a glimpse.
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