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Help me help a friend
Post # 1

Hello everyone,

My dearest friend is extremely interested in traveling to other realms, dimensions...etc. There is no way she will ever give up on what she desires, and as her best friend, I feel the need to try and help her in any way I can.

I know of dream walking and astral projection, but as far as my knowledge goes, traveling to other realms and dimensions is a highly doubtful event. But that is just my knowledge, and I was wondering if anyone has any different opinions, information, experiences, or any other things of that kind. Please let me know by sharing them below, so I can pass on any possible information to my highly determined friend.

Thank you all~best wishes


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Re: Help me help a friend
Post # 2
As you known, if you want to travel back to the time ,= you need to be faster than light.

As you known, the time is consider one of 4 dimension of 3D nature dimension, as you wish to travel to other dimension.

First, you need to have one point of overwhelming energy of 1 Dimension than one of 4 Dimension to breakthrough 1 Dimension to connect to another dimension to travel.

Secondly, in other dimensions, it maybe very high energy , it is make should you travel in a safe way to there.

Finally, in other dimension, it need to breakthrough one of its dimension to come back . Make sure you have enough energy to go back .

Best wishes with love .
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Re: Help me help a friend
Post # 3

Thank you, I'll give that information straight to her! :)

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Re: Help me help a friend
By: / Novice
Post # 4
Generally speaking it is accepted by and large that physically moving yourself from one dimension to another is not within the realm of possibility.

however it is indeed possible to explore outward to other planes and places through Astral projection and dream-walking like you already mentioned, and it involves a shift of consciousness and awareness usually through meditation, and -lots- of practice.

I would personally recommend starting with developing a connection and awareness to energy in general, especially with personal energy centers and the aura. Then expanding into similar connections of the higher Self. Connecting with positive energy gives a point of familiarity on intangible levels and ideas along with having the protection of a raised vibration and awareness.

It can be a shock to the system to try to go leaping into the deep end of the pool before you learn to tread water, after all. ^_^
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