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Help: Old Soul
Post # 1
Hello, my name is Buttercup for those of you that do not know me, and today I am writing with concerns.

So as anybody who has met me knows, my soul is very old. Even people who don't believe in magic have told me I'm an old soul. I even feel the soul inside of me is old, it's just something that I have come to accept. However I want to talk about what that could mean.

I'm not sure that any of us are quite certain what we take from our previous lives. However I think that my soul has been carrying a lot with it through its life. I feel thoughts that aren't mine but in my voice, they tell me to do things I'd never do or act a way I never would.

My souls feels dark, and I'm not sure if we keep the dark from our previous lives but my souls seems to have. I think that I am carrying too much baggage from my past lives. They are many and seem to be intent on making me just like them.

I need help, I need to know if there is a way, a possibility, to control these lives. I don't want to banish them, not at all they have proven useful and supportive, but I don't want them to consume me. Because if I leave this pr bowl unchecked they will.

Can anyone help me?

Blessed Be
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Re: Help: Old Soul
Post # 2
I suppose first and foremost, being an old soul very simply means that you have likely spent time in multiple incarnations and between lives, to a point where you have gained a sense of experience and insight that now comes to you in a way that is 'beyond your years'. IE; you are naturally wiser or more knowledgeable than the average of others your age.

And yes, generally speaking past experiences both good and bad can have some weight in present lives. Usually this is reflected in the ideas behind karma and the Akashic records of the soul, and has to do with balancing out past events and choices.

that said, there should be no need to 'control' these past lives, because it isn't really a matter of previous incarnations living on as complete personalities. They are not independent of you. The knowledge and experiences of past lives are no different as memories than thinking about what you had for breakfast this morning. There might be consequences to what you ate (like a grumbly stomach) but the bowl isn't going to resurface and make you eat it all over again. Nor is it going to chase you all over the house and continually tell you that you have to eat the same thing tomorrow.

What you do now is, was, and always will be based on what you choose as a person in the present moment. The trick to exploring and becoming aware of your past is to learn from it, without feeling the need to carry it with you. The past is a mirror, not an anchor. The past can't change you, because it already -is- you. And likewise it has no ability to control you, again, because it is you and not some outside influence.
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Re: Help: Old Soul
By: / Novice
Post # 3
I'm sure a lot of us are "Old Souls" it just means that we are a little wiser in the ways of the world.
You are in control of this life, here and now, Make the most of your time here, soon it will be over. If you feel that you are carrying baggage from the past, try to right the wrongs by doing some volunteer work and paying it back.
I would suggest doing meditation to calm yourself and tell the universe that you are sorry for the past and want to be a better person. Be a light in the darkness, be kind to yourself. Blessings
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Re: Help: Old Soul
Post # 4
Dear Buttercup,
If you want your soul younger and less black and less garbage.

You should chaint " Tao - Coolize - Tao " your soul will be less black and cool and younger.

If you want to use some of different kinds of spirits . You should ask your parish priest or a monk or asian Taoist to protect you first and secondly , a spirit whith is useful and suitable for you or which is not.

With love,
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Re: Help: Old Soul
By: / Novice
Post # 5

It is possible for a negative energy to be carried over from a previous life. It could be because of actions taken by you in that previous life or against you. It is important to remember that these lives are in the past. They are not here now. You control you. When you decide that you are under control of something like that you give away your control and the ability to change it.

Consider this analagy that was given to me by one of my teachers. When you wash your clothes, you do not examine every article of clothing and identify the origin of every speck of dirt before you wash them, do you? No. You put them in the washer, put in the detergent and wash them. In the same way, it is not necessary to know where the negativity comes from. It is here and now, and here and now is where you must focus on "cleaning" that energy.

So, how do you clean the energy. People will tell you to dispel it or banish it, to clean your aura and the like, but that is just a temporary fix. Because, as I am sure you have experienced, you banish it, and you feel better, but it comes back. Banishing is a great place to start. However, after that you must work at filling yourself with positive energy. If you banish the negativity but contiue to focus on dark things in your life, it will come back. It is a cycle within your unconscious that you have to break. Now, how do you do this? Well, a lot of that will depend on you and what your cycle of negativity is like. I would recommend looking to see how that negativity manifests in your life, and then work back from there. Start making changes amywhere in the cycle and you will change it. It may take time and effort, but it will happen.

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