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Your story
Post # 1
Hello, everyone, i've made this thread because i'm honestly wondering, if anyone has any stories to tell about their experience with healing. Feel free to tell me! i'm very interested.
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Re: Your story
Post # 2
Personally I haven't much rememberable experience in healing others due to some accidents in my past that caused me to forget them but when it comes to animals or myself its actually pretty neat because I will look at an injury and focus on it and imagine it healing and it usually does in a couple days sickness takes a week if I do that but my herbal remedies work wonders on my familiars. Buts sometimes I heal on my own and dont even realize there was an issue until someone asks how I got better or how my injuries heals so fast
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Re: Your story
Post # 3
Considering that I have been on a healer path for several years, I have had a lot of time to collect stories and events I could share. Most of them are pretty minor and anecdotal, but there have been a couple of more significant events that have stood out for me. Here is one of the big ones.

It isn't a healing I have worked myself, but rather involves my great-aunt Bette, who is the one mostly-responsible for my hitting on to a spiritual path to begin with. She is (er... was I should say, she passed on to a new journey recently) a long-time practicing Reiki healer, and I was visiting with her one day when one of her clients came by as well. She had taken on a care-worker/babysitter role for the youth for a couple hours every day. he was afflicted with cerebral palsy, his hands were severely affected and constantly clenched into fists because of the hyper-tension of his muscles as a result of the disorder.

While there, the young man 'asked' Bette if she could do her healing for him. He had communication troubles, so it amounted to him miming the act and making a questioning sound, but she understood the request and got to work. He sat back in his powered wheelchair, and she started doing her thing. She focused on his forearms and hands, and it took about twenty or so minutes, but as she worked I could watch his wrists and fingers slowly relax a bit at a time until he was able to open and close his hand almost completely. To stave off wild imaginings, the function was only partial. Moving his fingers and hands was still kind of clumsy and stiff, and it wasn't a permanent thing as he has had similar treatments before and his hands return to the tightened state after a few hours. But from what I was told later, the results of his sessions were lasting a bit longer, with the help of some mild stretching exercises and mindful concentration on continuing to use the hands as much as he could to try and keep them in that more relaxed/limber state.

As it was, I had been practicing with healing for only a couple years at that point, and the experience really solidified internally how I wanted to emulate that kind of ability to help others. I'm not confident in being to that sort of level yet, but she had also been practicing for over 40 years by then, I've just now been on this for about twenty. So I have some time yet to 'catch up'. *chuckle*
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