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Looking for more info
Post # 1
Hello! Alright so found that when I was just messing around one day that when I would hold my hands palms facing each other and about an inch or so apart and I would concentrate on the space between I would start getting a pressure in the middle of my forehead and a little further into my head. I also found that if I did it long enough the pressure would start to heat up as well. With my hands I would find a resistance between my hands and it would kinda feel like magnets when they push away from each other and after concentrating on the space between my palms would tingle then start going numb. And like my forehead after a long period of time my palms would start to heat up as well. I was able to catch the temperature change in both places with a thermal camera I have. I know it may sound kinda crazy and I hope this makes sense. But I have no idea what is happening so ny info would great. Thank you!
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Re: Looking for more info
By: / Beginner
Post # 2
That is energy. What is happening is that you are holding the energy in your hands. That is a useful skill, so practice it!
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Re: Looking for more info
Post # 3
So I'm still kinda new to everything here. What do you use the energy for and what makes it such an important skill to have and work on?
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Re: Looking for more info
By: / Novice
Post # 4

With practice, you learn to direct that energy. That is what you focus when you are doing magical work. When ever you see in a sepll description where it talks about "sending energy", that is what you are using.

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Re: Looking for more info
Post # 5
It does indeed sound like you have been successfully connecting to and moving energy. The exercise you were doing is affectionately called 'chi-balling', or 'power balling' or 'psi-balling', and originated from tai-chi.

Energy itself is tricky to define, because it is kind of a blanket term and the energy that is being tapped into is itself not exactly a quanitified or well-defined force. It can be defined as a vibration, light, magnetic, will, or a generic focus of effort, all depending on the context you are looking at it from. And it dies in with ideas of spirit, soul, auras, and magic as they all seem to 'run' off the same basis.

As far as the mechanics behind what you are currently doing, the shortest answer is 'action follows thought'. When you place a mental focus and intent towards a specific idea or goal (in this case, moving your personal energy into a point between your hands) the reaction is a gathering of pressure and heat as that energy moves and collects. And, of course as you start opening yourself up to a conscious awareness of your enegies, it tends to pluck at the different chakras (energy centers) of your body and stimulate them. Sort of how going for a quick jog gets the heart pumping.

In your case, it seems to be running through the brow/third eye mainly, so I am guessing you were approaching the exercise from a more intellectual/experimental frame of mind. next time, try approaching it 'through the heart' and see if it changes anything. Explore the same exercise from a more emotional reference by focusing on drawing different kinds of energy through happy or loving thoughts, and, if you feel adventurous, more solemn or reserved ones. See how it changes where you feel the energy come from, how it moves, if it affects the temperature or magnetic 'push' between your hands. Then try approaching the exercise all over again but from a more spiritual point of view. Imagine yourself drawing the energy in from a source of high vibration/positive energy down into yourself and then through to your hands. Using an image like a lightning rod or silver thread helps. Imagine it connecting with a place or energy that you already recognize as uplifting, positive, and comforting.

If you aren't familiar with the energy systems of the body, like the aura, chakras, and meridians I would suggest grabbing a book or two about them when you get a chance. they might provide some useful information. ^_^
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